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    Everyone up at Star in Seattle wears like 3 hats, so the 3 person afternoon show really is everyone’s second job. Kent is the longstanding PD, Marina does double duty on news pieces for sister KOMO AM, and Jen is also Promotions Director and APD. Kent for years was also the daily afternoon TV host on KOMO. These people work hard…plus Marina is fighting cancer on top of it all. Easy to afford a 3 person PM team when you can split your budget like that.


    All jokes aside welcome to radio circa 2020. Atleast Star is keeping live and local radio alive which is becoming more rare every year. Thanks for that Chico.

    Andy Brown

    Kent was always a hard worker with not enough time in his day to do all he wanted to. He’s been active in theater acting and production as a “hobby” since our old days together at Magic 107 and still manages to find time to continue that according to online reports in addition to all that Chico mentioned.


    I regularly listen to KOMO 1000, as they are the only station with Northwest news that are neither condensed into a stopset-sized block or restricted to morning drive. From listening, I can tell that the people in Seattle are wearing a lot of hats. A big clue is that most of the stories are audio from TV news stories that their sister station airs. I cannot count the number of times that news announcers on AM 1000 make references to photographs or video clips that only the television audience can see.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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