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    Exhibit A:

    Donald Trump singled out a black supporter at a rally Friday, telling the crowd to “look at my African-American.”

    Speaking at an event in Redding, California, Trump condemned the violent protests that had broken out after his campaign rally in San Jose the night before and called the protesters “thugs.” Trump claimed he always tells his supporters to “be very gentle” with demonstrators — despite having frequently encouraged violence at his campaign events.

    Trump then launched into a story about a rally in Tucson, Arizona, where a black Trump supporter punched a protester wearing a KKK hood. “We had a case where we had an African-American guy who was a fan of mine. Great fan. Great guy.

    In fact I want to find out what’s going on with him,” Trump said, before pointing to a man in the crowd. “Look at my African-American over here. Look at him. Are you the greatest? You know what I’m talking about? OK.”

    “Everyone thought the African-American was against me,” he said about the incident at the Tucson rally. “And it was the opposite it.”

    Trump continued by insinuating that the media has hidden his black supporters. “We have tremendous African-American support,” he said. “The reason is I’m going to bring jobs back to our country. But when these sleazy people, these dishonest people who never show the crowds … When they showed that event, it made it look like the white guy was on my side.”

    The presumptive GOP nominee has previously claimed he’ll do well with black voters in November’s general election. However, a Quinnipiac Poll released this week found Hillary Clinton winning 93 percent of the black vote in a potential matchup with the business mogul.

    Exhibit B:

    Donald Trump expanded on his attacks against a federal judge’s heritage Friday, arguing that the border wall the presumptive Republican nominee has put at the center of his 2016 campaign has made him the subject of unfair treatment in a California civil fraud suit over Trump University, his defunct real estate seminar.

    Pressed by CNN’s Jake Tapper, Trump repeated his claim that U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s Mexican heritage creates “an inherent conflict of interest.”

    “Jake, I’m building a wall. OK? I’m building a wall. I’m trying to keep business out of Mexico. Mexico’s fine,” Trump said.

    “But he’s an American,” Tapper responded.
    “He’s of Mexican heritage,” Trump said. “And he’s very proud of it, as I am of where I come from.”

    “But he’s an American,” Tapper reiterated. “You keep talking about it’s a conflict of interest because of Mexico.”

    Later in the extended back-and-forth on the issue, the CNN host asked Trump whether his assertion that Curiel’s heritage makes him unable to do his job is “the definition of racism.” Trump said it was not.

    “He’s proud of his heritage, I respect him for that,” Trump said. “We are building a wall. He’s a Mexican. We’re building a wall between here and Mexico. The answer is, he is giving us very unfair rulings. Rulings that people can’t even believe. This case should have ended years ago in summary judgment.”

    You stay classy, Donald.


    So Trump has already lost the Hispanic vote, now he is about to lose the African American vote. What is next?
    Perhaps everyone else. While there is still a lot of time left, his campaign seems to be in free fall. His poll numbers are dropping daily, and he is becoming more desperate in both style and volume.


    Andy Brown


    Nope, I don’t remember any Repbulican complaining about Mrs. Obama’s well toned arms.


    So Trump has already lost the Hispanic vote, now he is about to lose the African American vote. What is next?

    He hasn’t lost the Hispanic vote yet. There are Hispanics who will support him. There are Hispanics who don’t like illegal immigration. They have families in Mexico attempting to emigrate legally and don’t like to see other being unfairly pushed to the front of the line.

    Trump never had the African American vote to begin with. No Repblican would. He has nowhere to go but up.


    “He has nowhere to go but up.”

    One would think so. But Trump keeps finding a way to lower the bar.


    To help Bacon with his selective memory. From 2009:

    Obama’s Choice to Bare Arms Causes Uproar



    Last time I checked Donald Trump is not under an FBI investigation for espionage.

    Lets not forget the deaths of Amb. Christopher Stevens, State Information Officer Sean Smith, and Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods could have been prevented on the day of the Benghazi attacks. Above all, their deaths would not have occurred but for Obama and Clinton’s dangerous, Islamist-friendly, and unconstitutional military action against Qadhafi. Even worse, it is clear that Hillary put political “optics” above the security of American lives on the eve of a Presidential election. In that sense it’s a bigger cover-up than Watergate.

    One positive note about Crooked Hillary is that she is honest and Trustworthy. She never changes her positions on issues to pander to the american public, and that I can respect about her.

    Oh wait, nevermind! I forgot about this.

    Oh and Lets not forget about the family members of The Benghazi victims. They went on television to let the world know that Hillary Clinton LIED to them.

    I have no idea why Hillary Clinton is the second most hated presidential candidate EVER!


    This may shock you: Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest.


    As for her statements on issues, Politifact, a Pulitzer prize-winning fact-checking organization, gives Clinton the best truth-telling record of any of the 2016 presidential candidates. She beats Sanders and Kasich and crushes Cruz and Trump, who has the biggest “pants on fire” rating and has told whoppers about basic economics that are embarrassing for anyone aiming to be president. (He falsely claimed GDP has dropped the last two quarters and claimed the national unemployment rate was as high as 35%).


    LMAO!!!!! Hillary Clinton Trustworthy??????? Thats the funniest thing I have ever heard in my life.


    Never let facts get in the way of your idiocy.

    You are a boob.


    “Last time I checked Donald Trump is not under an FBI investigation for espionage.”

    Last time I checked, neither is Hillary Clinton. However, Trump IS being sued for fraud. http://fortune.com/2016/03/08/trump-university-financial-elder-abuse-charges/

    Jesus H. Christ! Dork, the idiocy just oozes out of you like a festering sore.

    BTW, Say “Hi” for me to all the other Trumpettes in the bubble.


    Dork and Trump:

    t/h: LG



    US Law 2635.702 Use of public office for private gain.
    An employee shall not use his public office for his own private gain, for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise, or for the private gain of friends, relatives, or persons with whom the employee is affiliated in a nongovernmental capacity, including nonprofit organizations of which the employee is an officer or member, and persons with whom the employee has or seeks employment or business relations. The specific prohibitions set forth in paragraphs (a) through (d) of this section apply this general standard, but are not intended to be exclusive or to limit the application of this section.
    (a) Inducement or coercion of benefits. An employee shall not use or permit the use of his Government position or title or any authority associated with his public office in a manner that is intended to coerce or induce another person, including a subordinate, to provide any benefit, financial or otherwise, to himself or to friends, relatives, or persons with whom the employee is affiliated in a nongovernmental capacity.

    The Clinton Crime Family long ago should have been held accountable for high crimes.
    Hillary is the most recklessly dangerous presidential aspirant in US history, supporting endless imperial wars and state terror.
    The so-called Clinton Foundation is a suspected criminal enterprise, masquerading as a charitable NGO. It promotes Big Lies about “improving global health, increasing opportunity for women and girls, reducing childhood obesity and preventable diseases, (as well as) creating economic opportunity and growth…”
    FBI chief James Comey will recommend Attorney General Loretta Lynch treat “the Clinton Foundation (as) an ongoing criminal enterprise engaged in money laundering and soliciting bribes in exchange for political, policy and legislative favors to individuals, corporations and even governments both foreign and domestic.”
    There is ample evidence already in the public record that the Clinton Foundation qualifies as a criminal enterprise and there’s no doubt that the FBI is privy to significantly more evidence than has already been made public.”
    If Comey recommends Attorney General Lynch indict Hillary Clinton, it’s unlikely she’ll prosecute a woman she’s had close ties to for years. Bill Clinton appointed her US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York – serving from 1999 – 2001.

    (SIGH) JUST WOW!!!!

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