Jurisprudence R.I.P. 2020

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    Andy Brown

    Funeral details pending.

    The drumpf administration, already in the record books for being the most corrupt administration in the history of the United States of America, has fallen completely off the scales of justice with their latest activities to bypass DOJ policy, much of which has been put in place by the Republican party.

    Emboldened by his escape from justice in the impeachment trial, drumpf has widened his sights for getting all of his convicted cronies sentences reduced or removed. This is probably so he won’t have to pardon them which might hurt his re-election although he can do that even if he loses during the lame duck disaster that will unfold if he does lose.


    Why does drumpf even have a chance at reelection?
    Not to sound like a broken record, but the GOP has kept their base dumbed down and uninformed. For years. Actually, for decades. That’s why he speaks like an eight year old, he knows his audience’s intelligence level and it’s mostly a bunch of dumb fuckers.

    “Moronitude exists everywhere, of course. What makes stupidity in America stand out is that most Americans — the dumb ones — don’t think it’s bad to be dumb. Far from being ashamed, they’re dumb and proud. The dumb ones make fun of the small-and-constantly-shrinking population of intelligent ones”


    In 2004, as vice president, Mr. Cheney told a senator on the Senate floor to “go fuck yourself.” At this point it seems pale next to drumpf’s tweets and conversations.

    And poor Vern wants us to have a better sense of decorum. So let’s try and only do that whom those that F&B endears and respects do.

    Grab’em by the pussy.



    So long as we keep it real, I’m fine. Ugly times do foster ugly dialog.

    So bring it.

    Perhaps, as we come to understand one another better, we can move to less ugly times.

    Deane Johnson

    I’m curious. What does one gain by using ugly dialog, other than perhaps creating an image for themselves of “low ender” or perhaps an image of no class?


    Ask Trump.


    Genuine expression allows for honesty and understanding.

    I would much rather you tell me to fuck off, rather than hide it and or communicate a lie.

    We can get past most anything, except that which is hidden and cannot be passed.


    People have agency here. There 8s a shared burden in dialog.

    Quite simply, righteous indignation is not the only, or mandated response.

    Understanding that may actually save your life. It has mine.


    You’re lying to yourself. No conservative has “agency” here. You run them off with abusive comments or have them banned.

    You don’t want a dialog. You want a monologue.

    And…some people simply want the fun of belittling others and use their convictions as an excuse, although the pleasure derived from that is very disordered.

    And note that “ugly” is a one way street here. You don’t get ugly from Deane or Broadway or Herb or me or any of the other conservatives you’ve banned or chased away. Most have tried to have a dialog in good faith yet you guys respond with “fuckface,” “asshole,” “scumbag”, “hey stupid,” etc. That’s not even an ugly dialog. It’s verbal assault.

    I’ve noticed this phenomenon in the social media as well. The Trump-haters are incapable of a dialog. They berate and belittle any opposition and then do everything they can to silence it.

    Calling Deane an “asshole” is an attempt to silence him. Heckling Herb about Nixon and not responding to his positions is an attempt to silence him. It’s not a “dialog” at all. And of course the obvious–you silence them by banning.

    You often say “have the conversation” but you won’t have it with us. You preach. And you support the “ugly”, which again is simply trying to get us to shut up.

    Why don’t you go to Dan and tell him to make it clear that this board is for Trump-haters only and that will prevent misunderstandings from people like me who think this is an open forum where the civil expression of a diversity of ideas is welcome.

    Deane Johnson

    Missing, anyone who knows you knows that if you use that sort of language, it’s not hate filled, but simply expressive. But for many others it is hate filled.

    I put a lot of stock in where things are coming from. Even the spelling of Trump as “drumpf” demeans the person using it. I don’t take their thoughts as being serious or worth considering.




    Also, try me. I am quite happy to model exactly what I say here. And, given recent exchanges, I submit I already have.

    Ignore the Bernie portion of that, and consider the basic argument. It is well made from a secure individual. Has agency, knows it, applies it.

    What one person can do, another can do. Think of it as personal responsibility.

    There is no shield in the First Amendment for good reason.

    Take ownership of your dialog, inclusive. That is how we get through this ugly time.

    Trying to control others is a fools game.

    Sorry for a string of edits. Mobile is not agreeing with me today.

    Deane Johnson

    To be clear, I’m not in favor of banning such speech or restricting it. My view is that it has a certain negative effect on the image of the person using it and they ought to be aware of what they are doing to themselves in the eyes of others. Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

    I choose not to call people hate filled names. That’s just me. Your mileage may vary.


    BTW, you saw my post right? You were correct about the ACA Lock Stock & Barrel.

    Deane Johnson

    Yes, I did see your post. I’m not sure what I posted back then, but I believe my mindset has always been that it was not a solution to our medical cost issues.

    Andy Brown

    “I put a lot of stock in where things are coming from. Even the spelling of Trump as “drumpf” demeans the person using it.”

    LOL. No it doesn’t to anyone fully informed. I’m sure when other folks referred to Obama as “a nigger” you weren’t the least bit upset about that persons reputation.

    FYI, that’s the Germanic origin of Trump. Look it up. Hanns Drumpf, who settled in Kallstadt in 1608 and whose descendants changed their name from Drumpf to Trump during the Thirty Years’ War of the 1600s.

    Blair, Gwenda (2015). The Trumps: Three Generations of Builders and a Presidential Candidate. Simon and Schuster. pp. 26–27.

    Victor, Daniel (March 2, 2016). “Donald Drumpf: A Funny Label, but Is It Fair”. The New York Times.

    “Why Donald Trump trumps Donald Drumpf”. The Boston Globe. Retrieved March 3, 2016.

    “You don’t get ugly from Deane or Broadway or Herb or me or any of the other conservatives “

    If you only consider expletives as “ugly” you’re even more out of touch with reality than we think you are. The entire notion of controlling women’s reproductive systems is extremely ugly to a majority of Americans is a good example. There are many more. Separating immigrant families at the border is ugly. Lifting environmental directives in the fossil fuel industry is ugly, very ugly. I can go on, but hopefully you get the point.

    Also, Herb and you are notorious for not answering good faith questions so your whole diatribe above about that is worthless pond scum. Deane at least answers questions most of the time.

    Not even to mention the attempt you make at revising your history here is laughable. Who do you think you’re fooling?

    Let’s look at the numbers:

    You: banned approximately 15 times. That doesn’t happen to someone like whom you describe in your revisionist history of your time here.

    Me: never banned. suspended once for a week for calling you out.

    Final score: ba bye Vern. If Dan doesn’t toss you sooner he’ll end up tossing you later. You do it to yourself and the sooner you ‘fess up to the reality of who you are and how you operate, the better off we’ll all be.


    Just wanted credit where credit is due Deane. We went back and forth hard on it.


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