Judge: Get Hilary's damn e-mails out NOW!!!

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    State wanted until 1/15/16 – judge says uh, no:

    Of course, the Queen could’ve released them herself since they were on HER server…before she destroyed it.


    And of course all anyone questioning needs to do is show the disclosure to be incomplete.

    Also Bengazi.


    Hillary seems a bit lost right now. I am trying to look at this unbiased, but she has turned from not talking to the press to all of a sudden talking to the press, and the tone of her voice in this “get the emails out quickly”, (paraphrasing), seems a bit desperate.

    She seems to have little organization, nor a set gameplan. You would think after 2008 she would have this down, but it doesn’t appear that way to me.

    She is still the front runner, but she has ground to make up, IMO. If her campaign implodes, what do the dems do? I would hope there is a backup plan.


    What I find disappointing in this whole ordeal is the fact that we’re going to have to deal with this HilHater BS until November of next year. It will be quite tiresome. And this coming from someone that doesn’t plan to be voting for her.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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