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    Andy Brown

    Once again (not the first time), Jeb Bush has hypocritically taken an anti gay stance when he has been plying the pro gay position in his pre presidential campaign rhetoric.

    Just another right wing hypocritical ass clown.

    Speaking to reporters in Atlanta, Georgia regarding a proposed piece of legislation which would legalize “religious discrimination,” letting business owners refuse service to LGBT people. Bush seemed to support all so-called “religious liberty” bills in his response, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports:

    “I don’t know about this law, but religious freedom is a serious issue and is increasingly so,” said Bush, adding, “People have a right to do that [refuse service], just as we need to be respectful for people who are in long-term committed relationships.”

    Which long termed relationships? Either he is a total hypocrite or takes his audience for a bunch of boobs. Jebya has a lot at stake. Bush has attracted a wave of early support from many of the party’s most prominent gay rights advocates. When Jebya officially launches his presidential bid later this year, he will likely do so with a campaign manager who has urged the Republican Party to adopt a pro-gay agenda; a chief strategist who signed a Supreme Court amicus brief arguing for marriage equality in California; a longtime adviser who once encouraged her minister to stick to his guns in preaching equality for same-sex couples; and a communications director who is openly gay. To an extent that would have been unthinkable in past elections, one of the leading candidates for the Republican presidential nomination has stocked his inner circle with advisers who are vocal proponents of gay rights. And while the Bush camp says his platform will not be shaped by his lieutenants’ personal beliefs, many in the monied, moderate, corporate wing of the GOP — including pragmatic donors, secular politicos, and other members of the establishment — are cheering the early hires as a sign that Bush will position himself as the gay-friendly Republican in the 2016 field. Apparently not.

    Bush’s official stance is that he believes marriage should be between a man and a woman, and that states should have the right to craft their own laws on the matter, free of tampering from federal courts.
    But inside Bush’s orbit, some believe his personal feelings on the subject may have evolved beyond his on-the-record statements. Three Republican supporters who have recently spoken with Bush as he’s blitzed the GOP fundraising circuit told BuzzFeed News they came away with the impression that on the question of marriage equality, he was supportive at best and agnostic at worst. But then, he doesn’t seem to be supporting his own candidacy by coming out in Atlanta with a statement like that.

    Bush could face substantial political risks if he chooses to lean in to a pro-LGBT message during the primaries. He is already viewed with deep suspicion by many conservatives for his positions on immigration and Common Core education standards; adding gay issues to the baggage could be what tips the scales from being an occasionally frustrating but acceptably daring McCain-like maverick, to an elitist, Huntsman-like squish. Already, some Evangelicals are circulating stories cautioning against his pro gay staff’s influence on the candidate.

    Deane Johnson

    Right, why would you want to support a candidate who has loaded his campaign with gay rights proponents. Oh, I know, it’s necessary to develop a major hate for anyone who doesn’t embrace liberalism.

    Andy Brown

    Jebya has an excuse, political stunts that backfire run in the family (see “No new taxes,” “WMD’s” ).


    Conservative word play;

    Religious Freedom = The freedom to deprive others of their freedom if they don’t conform to my religious bigotry.

    Hate= To fight back against hate.


    Bigotry is not a liberal issue. It is a human issue liberals happen to be on the better side of.

    Framing this as embracing Liberia is bull shit.

    Either conservatives present a better solution and or policy vision

    , or

    they are not on the better side of the issue.

    Said solution will either sell or not. Adopting a “market” approach, which is what Bush did, very likely won’t sell as well as what the left has put on the table.

    Embrace it, don’t embrace it, won’t matter.

    What will matter is how people value their options.


    The name Jebya is classic.

    It should remind people of this: A Bush is a Bush is a Bush.

    GHW gave us Clarence Thomas. GW Bush gave us John Roberts and Samuel Alito.

    The US can’t afford any more Bush nominees to the SCOTUS.


    Three good reasons to vote for another Bush.


    Yeah, because things worked out SOOOOO well under the two previous Shrubs. Third time’s a charm, eh? 2016 could actually prove whether or not God exists, since I will be praying for lightning to hit the Jebya tour bus. If that happens, I will become a monk, since that is now my nightly prayer.

    Andy Brown

    Jeb Bush Had Second, Undisclosed Email Address While Governor Of Florida

    Well, well, well… Looks like Jebya has an undisclosed email account, as well.

    It doesn’t take a genius to know that undisclosed email accounts are likely pretty common amongst politicians. Nevertheless, because of the large to-do Hillary Clinton is facing over one, it’s going to be dog eat dog for anyone in the presidential race who tries to keep such a thing hidden from the public eye.

    According to the Associated Press, Jebya’s undisclosed email account comes from his time as the governor of Florida. Of course, questions are pouring forth like an artesian well regarding politicians and email addresses now, but is anyone terribly surprised, really? The problem for Jeb, of course, is that he tries to sell himself as a “transparent” politician.

    And if you believe that he’s got some real estate he’d love to sell you right there in Florida.

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