Jared Aman Named Music Director At KINK

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    This from All Access:

    Jared Aman Named MD At KINK

    ALPHA MEDIA Triple A KINK/PORTLAND, OR continues to make moves. ALL ACCESS reported YESTERDAY (NET NEWS 5/4) that the station had parted ways with PD/night jock BRAD DOLBEER and morning show co-host DAN MERCHANT.

    Now, current afternoon host JARED AMAN has been named MD. AMAN has been with KINK for 4 years and hosting afternoons since AUGUST 2014.

    EVP/Programming SCOTT MAHALICK commented, “We are thrilled to be able to promote from within ALPHA for this very special MD position. JARED has a set of killer ears for the Triple A format and is one heck of a hit picker.”

    “I’ve always loved playing music for a living and to get to do it in PORTLAND, OREGON is a bonus. It’s an honor to be promoted to MD with such a historic station such as KINK. I am following in amazing footsteps,” remarked AMAN.


    Congrats to Jared, and I hope that his promotion doesn’t mean he’s a step closer to job elimination.


    I’m a big fan of Jared. My opinion is that he’s the best air talent in Portland. I respond to his style and self-effacing humor and enthusiasm for some of the songs. Very relaxed. I dig it. I will keep my fingers crossed that this new position will last a while for him if he wants it to and listen to a bit of the future for KINK.

    I’m in, man. Congratulations.

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