January 22, 1973 – big news day for Cronkite

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    Dan Packard

    On this day in history, January 22, 1973, the Supreme court struck down state abortion restrictions, President LBJ dies, Kissinger arrives in France for signing the Paris Peace accords to end the Vietnam war, and investigations about a strange break-in at a place called the Watergate office building.

    Walter Cronkite breaks in during his CBS Evening newscast to first report on President Johnson’s death. The other stories are reported in due course during this fascinating 30 minute newscast.

    The Vietnam war didn’t actually end for another two years, the Watergate break-in led to President Nixon’s resignation a year and a half later, and the Roe vs. Wade decision still divides many in our country today.


    Yes, very interesting newscast. A couple of things strike me about this…first this was Cronkite probably at the peak of his career. Perfect timing for what Watergate had in store the following year and a half. Second, I was somewhat surprised the technical ability of a national newscast had not changed much from ten years earlier when Cronkite announced JFK’s assassination. Note he is using a standard telephone to communicate news from his source, something that seems so outdated today. But, this is a very clean recording (except for the very beginning), and undoubtedly represents a different era of news coverage than what we see today.

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