January 20, 2021

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    This will be the best day in the past year for two reasons. The inauguration will rid us of one of the worst Presidents of all time. Secondly we will have a new President who will actually take covid seriously. I am finally optimistic for the first time in a year. No, wait, four years!

    Deane Johnson

    Be careful what you wish for.

    Yes, I’m happy Trump is out of the White House. Very happy.
    But trading him for a bunch of California liberalism is not very exciting.

    The California Sierra Club is all set to destroy our approval of the Keystone Pipeline which will throw the transportation of crude oil onto railroad tank cars. Doesn’t seem like a good trade to me.

    BTW, how’s the rampant liberalism working out for California these days??? For that matter, how is it working out for Portland??? Did they get some of the damage to one of the country’s most beautiful cities cleaned up yet?

    Radio Ruminator

    We all hope and pray that Joe Biden’s Weekend at Bernie’s presidency will be successful.


    California liberalism?

    Biden is an east coast guy.


    How did things go in DC two weeks ago? That was not only on Trump’s watch but HE ACTIVELY ENCOURAGED IT.

    Be careful with exposing your own biases. There is no perfect government.

    As an aside, anyone know where I can get some My Pillows at say 90% off?

    Deane Johnson

    Lastday, I can easily expose my biases on that episode. I think everyone one of those individuals who entered the Capital Building that day should serve long prison sentences.


    Trump has laid out a large complex minefield for Biden to navigate. He faces enormous challenges and pitfalls.

    He will make mistakes along the way. I’m confident that those will not include white supremacy dog whistles or inciting insurrection or tweeting BS 60,000 times.

    We can and I’m sure will discuss the mistakes here.

    Deane Johnson

    So far, he’s doing a pretty good job with the takeover. Saying all the right things, taking the right approach.

    It was the right time to have a person with a lot of DC experience, and that he has.

    My objection to Biden is his selection of a California liberal as VP. I think she’s pretty smart, handles herself well and could probably be a good POTUS except for her California liberal viewpoint and background. Where in the U.S. is liberalism working in the long run?


    CA is the world’s 5th largest economy. Something must be working.

    Deane Johnson

    Would that last person out turn off the lights and close the door behind you. Thank you.


    Uh, Deane …

    California liberal viewpoint and background

    Perhaps today could be a good day to stop throwing around useless labels and dumb talking points. This is the crap that divides us, and the idiotic crap Trump used for four years to make his base hate the coasts.

    California liberal viewpoint? Excuse me? You talking about the same CA that gave us Richard Nixon, Ronald Regan, Arnold Schwartzeneger, the current attack dog Rep. Devin Nunes … to name only a few.

    California, and in fact the entire country are too politically complicated to treat with simplistic labels anymore. How about we start focusing on realistic and meaningful changes to policy that will move us forward together?

    Seems like I heard in the last day or so a major Republican leader use the word “progress”. It’s a wonder, the sky didn’t fall.


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    We saw how well east coast fascism worked out. I’m willing to give the west coast liberals a chance.


    Kamala Harris isn’t a liberal. She’s a centrist, as is Biden! Just because Trump and his horde say something, doesn’t make it true!

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    Andy Brown

    We don’t know the extent of the damage that drumpf and family and his administration have done. We’re at the point where the Captain has just re-taken control of the bridge and where he begins to deploy his team and calls for a damage assessment and report.

    Without a doubt we’re in deeper shit than we thought. But at the least, it’s a starting over point.

    I totally agree with Ed’s post. Falling back on the well worn liberal/conservative labels is obsolete. It’s more about the rural/urban divide, the distribution of opportunities and equality in the justice system.


    My understanding has been that one can avoid “California liberals” primarily by steering clear of the greater San Francisco area and of some of the most outspoken people in the entertainment industry.

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