James Mattis slams President

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    Former Trump Secretary of Defense (and also served Bush II and Obama) James Mattis has come out with a total rebuke of Trump.


    As an aside, Mattis lives about a half mile away from where I live here in the Washington State desert.


    And now will come the predictable childish retaliatory insults from Piece Of Human Garbage Trump.


    It’s beyond me how anyone can still support Trump. Worst ever.

    Andy Brown

    It should be oh so obvious by now to just about everyone with even the smallest amount of intelligence that drumpf is a pathetic loser lost in his own narcissistic world of racism, greed and self aggrandizing.

    It’s pretty clear to almost everybody.


    trump probably has sundowners syndrome. He’s seething. Over the weekend when he has “nothing to do” he’ll probably unleash a massive twatstorm.

    Mitt Romney spoke out today as have a handful of other republicans and military. We can only hope that more speak up and tell the truth. They know. They just need to overcome their fear of being swatted down like flies by the dotard in chief.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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