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    Hey, team blue needs to bring something for all its voters, not just some of them. The middle class is shrinking, and there are now way too many Americans out of it.

    Gotta step up and take care of the people, or those votes just might not be there. Sanders is right there, schooling everyone on just where those votes are too.

    Of course they are bent over it. This year they don’t get to kick Progressives in the sack! Too bad for them. The future of the party lies in Sanders direction. Data on that is overwhelming.

    It is entirely possible to agree on a great platform and then go do the work to win on it. Bonus for the party is the long game.

    Rather than a shit midterm like Obama got, Berners could own a bunch of nice, shiny new seats all ready to help legislate that platform too.

    Remember, the GOP ran an idiot! We can curse this and we shoukd.

    90’s era politics aren’t gonna cut it.

    All possible too. No matter which one runs.

    Question is will the party stalwarts see it and go for it, or will they turn the future of the party away?

    And before anyone answers, remember. Self funded, easy. Not going away. No reason to.

    I want my party awesome. Sure hope they do too. It’s all right there for the taking.


    He’s not going to be the nominee.

    You are deluding yourself.

    He’s helping Donald Trump right now.


    That linked piece contains lies about violence. No chair was thrown.

    I watched that whole thing live,right along with thousands of other people.

    One man lost it, picked up a chair, and the peeps near him hugged him while another deftly took it from him.

    Was a long day.

    Sanders has a statement out on that clusterfuck, and it’s accurate. New media punched right through the garbage we are getting on the usual outlets today.

    Another one, Boxer. Yeah, I watched that too. She was dismissing and enraging the crowd by trying to assign the boos they got to Sanders, when the people running that show were improperly executing the event, with police there no less!

    Know what she was afraid of? Her attempt to shame people in an open democracy fell flat. No joke.

    What you are seeing and reading about is a clash of party values. Progressives and the vast majority of voters under 40 want a more inclusive platform, less emphasis on the one percent.

    This is clashing with the setup for Clinton done way in advance.

    Debates, funding, superdelegates, and many other things were determined before even a single vote had been cast.

    Who knew the people were so ready? I didn’t. Over about 13, maybe 15 months, Sanders on people money and with no party support nor media support went from nothing to competetive against the best political machine to date!

    Of course they are pissed about it, but it’s also a reality not to be denied either.

    So the party has a choice. Embrace it’s future, or it may not have a very good one. Those people supporting Sanders ate driven by real, basic, human need.

    And since they are paying their own way, what reason at all do they have not to continue and seek real power?


    The party does not yet understand that. The usual,”cut the donations” phone calls don’t work. There are no points of leverage to pull either.

    The media could completely black Sanders out from now until Philly and he will still take CA and arrive close in delegates.

    I’ve seen this for a while now. Wrote it here too. It will go down just like I said too.

    There are literally no meaningful levers to pull. That is what happens when a few too many people do not get what they need out of government.

    The rest of us would be wise to pay attention. I am. Bet your ass. Never seen anything like it.

    Ordinary people have put up close to a quarter billion large. Sanders works for them.

    You tell all the people no? I’m not.


    The Bernie voters are too young to remember Ralph Nader, and what kind of an outcome we had to deal with thanks to the idiots that voted for him when there was no chance of him winning. Sometimes keeping it “real” has a cost. I’m pragmatic enough and based in reality that Bernie’s campaign has reached the point of diminishing returns.


    This is nothing like Nader, sorry.

    I get it. Until the longer game plays out, people won’t see it. Low value.

    But there isn’t a no on this. Offer and acceptance rules in play. Sanders offered, and a huge number of people said do it.

    So it will get done. Simple as that.

    Their money, their votes and time. Open democracy.


    They’re free to waste their time and I’m free to call them out for cutting off their nose to spite their face. It’s no longer beneficial to the overall goal of NOT having a Republican president.

    Plus, there’s the pesky little fact about the math, and that it’s mathematically impossible for any outcome other than for Hillary to win the delegates needed for the nomination. I think the Bernie Bros are still in denial and it’s starting to turn into anger on their part.


    Another primary or two and it won’t matter how persistent Bernie is – Clinton will have the delegates to clinch the nomination.

    Bernie will “stay in it until the last ballot is cast” merely because he’s already on the ballot for the remainder of the primaries, so those who insist voting for him can do so – for all the good it’s worth.

    In the end this will be an election between those voting for Trump and those voting against Trump. This will coalesce Democrats behind Clinton, and she will take the White House.

    The only question remaining is, will Hillary offer Bernie the VP slot, and will he take it?


    Bernie won’t take it.

    She might offer.


    I can’t imagine Bernie helping Hillary as VP. Hillary needs a strong centrist or even liberal from a big swing state. Sherrod Brown from Ohio might fit the bill, as does Tim Kaine from Virginia.


    He won’t. In that scenario, Bernie will just focus on movement building aimed at improving the Progressive Caucus. Fundraise, vet a class of challengers for near term mid term elections.

    He will also want to be free to help challengers, like Tim C in FL, running against Wasserman Schultz.

    Andy Brown

    The two most important things for the Democrats to consider are 1) which nominee will make the least number of Democrats feel disenfranchised and therefore stay home in November, and 2) which nominee will push the least number of Democrats toward Trump.

    For the first question, it’s close between Clinton and Sanders, with a slight advantage to Sanders. For the second question, Clinton beats Sanders easily.

    Run the math – if beating Trump is the paramount concern, then Hillary looks like the most solid bet. We should NOT just assume that Herr Drumpf will lose this thing.


    “This is nothing like Nader, sorry.”

    We’ll revisit this after Drumpth is sworn into office.


    I once felt the Bern, but the bros extinguished the flame.


    Chew on this for a while, as the latest Faux Newz poll has Trump leading Clinton, while Sanders leads both of them, as America ALSO says that both front-runners are the shits.

    Fox News Poll: Trump tops Clinton, both seen as deeply flawed candidates

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