It's all a hoax

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    Andy Brown

    Yes indeed ladies and gentlemen, global warming and climate change are all a librul fabrication. The deniers are right. Just because 2014 was the Earth’s warmest year on record since they began keeping track in 1880 should not dissuade you from your denial. The fact that the oceans, too, are warmer now then ever before should also be ignored. Also the tremendous rise in temperatures since 1980 has nothing to do with the rise in industrial pollution world wide. After all, Ronnie Reagan was correct when he assailed conservation efforts in California and declared that if you’ve seen one tree you’ve seen them all. Commercial interests have nothing to do with the rise in ozone depleting gas emissions. After all, the earth would have gotten this warm if we were still living in caves.

    Deane Johnson

    So Andy, what should we do about it? Better safe than sorry.


    We need to start making changes, and so does everyone else. Easier said than done, but we can try to lead by example.

    Deane Johnson

    We already do.


    Gas is $1.99 at Fred Meyer — Just like President Romney insisted would happen if we elected him! As an added bonus, the evil Russian Empire is about to fall!

    I’m now looking at SUVs — maybe a Cadillac this time.

    God bless the GOP States of America.


    Actually Deane, we’ve been late to the party. Germany and other European countries have been on this problem longer than the US. Especially many of the Scandinavian counties.

    Are you familiar with 3D copiers? Using solar panel technology along with 3D copier technology in the deserts can create glass directly from sand.

    Electronic cars have been getting a huge makeover the past 10 years, and folks are living more and more off-the-grid all over the world.

    There are sharing and caring economies popping up everywhere, where small communities are banding together to help each other from swapping free clothes to sharing tools, to community gardens and the ever popular farmers markets.

    These are just some of the things that are going on and have been at work over the past 20 some years, if not more.

    Deane Johnson

    This kind of disregard for the global warming issue sort of makes Chris’ clothes swapping and victory gardens seem rather futile.


    We should disregard the whole issue because people fly in jets.

    That was a very Herb-like post BTW.

    Yeah, flying a bunch of private jets to a Climate Change Summit is pretty dumb optics, but it’s insignificant.

    By the same token, we should ignore the drought in California because someone who is concerned about the drought watered their lawn once.


    We use the existing system to effect change.

    That means flying in jets. As we get the changes made, and new options make a lot more sense, then it means doing those things.

    Deane Johnson

    There were 1700 of them. Hello!


    I hope Deane doesn’t take offense if I’m a bit skeptical about that number coming from someone like Breitbart. Didn’t they also run with the “$200 million per day” trip to India?

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