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    Just wanted to let you know that the close captioning on LAFF (12-03) has been nonexistant for the past almost two weeks. It and COZI (12-02) also sometimes exhibit this strange behavior where the captions blink past in a couple of miliseconds, long enough that you can see it’s encoded but not long enough to be readable. KPTV (12-01) seems to be working normally.

    Is there anybody down there even monitoring the on-air signal any more? I’m sure there’s probably some federal law or another being broken.

    (I’m sure msndrspdx will chime in at some point with some totally irrelevant comment about their availability and picture quality on Comca$t.)

    Scott Young

    Well, KPTV’s Master Control is no longer in Portland…it’s in a corporate hub in Phoenix where each operator is in charge of multiple stations (and their sub channels) at once. Given that the sub channels are little more than barnacles on the hull of the main channel at the best of times, is it any wonder that under present circumstances things like this go unnoticed?


    This is just a smidgen better than automation. 🙁

    Scott Young

    Hi Alfredo! Like radio, TV has been automated for years, but unlike radio, not typically run unattended. Master Control hubs are partially unattended though, since no one station has anybody’s undivided attention.


    “IT’S THE LAW” (sorry about shouting, just quoting 😉 )
    I have seen a few FCC Notice of Violations for the lack of captioning. Even when it was lacking for short periods.
    The LPTVs around here are notorious for awful or no captions. How about a black caption box that covers most of the screen and the captions appear for only a second or so then ‘poof’ they’re gone. California based company that doesn’t care.


    The other thing, with those marginal channels, viewers generally don’t know who to call.

    In recent months, master control for KOIN has been botching the end of the 11 PM newscast I can just see Jeff Gianola throwing a Bill O’Reilly style fit.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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