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    Here, in Longview I can get KPDX and its three sub-channels with a small indoor loop antenna with the signal coming from Columbia Heights north of Longview. I can’t get any other TV signal with that antenna.

    I don’t see KPTV-KPDX moving the virtual channel number of KPDX to channel 13, because of conflicts with KVAL-TV Eugene and KCPQ Tacoma. They could have applied for higher subchannel numbers than the other channel 13s have but TV viewers expect the main channel of a station to have a x.1 channel number. It’s not worth making TV viewers rescan in order to receive Fox 12+.

    Fox 12+ also is now simulcasting four hours of Good Day Oregon from 5 to 9 AM Monday thru Friday. This is an acknowledgement that some people like myself get Fox 12+ that don’t receive KPTV channel 12.



    There could be a way for KPTV to promote KPDX as Ch. 13 without interfering with the Ch. 13’s to the north and south. First, let’s look at how the two stations are currently set up in Portland (we’ll deal with the translators in a moment). According to RsbbitEars, they currently look like this…

    KPTV (12) (RF 12)
    12.1 KPTV (Fox)
    12.2 Cozi TV
    12.3 Laff TV

    KPDX (49) (RF 30)

    49.1 (RF 30.3) KPDX
    49.2 (RF 30.4) Escape
    49.3 (RF 30.5) Bounce
    49.4 (RF 30.6) Grit

    KPTV could put KPDX on Ch. 13 this way, by using RF designations along the lines of those 10 and 12-stream stations in LA and a few other spectrum-crowded places:

    12.131 KPDX
    12.132 Escape
    12.133 Bounce
    12.134 Grit

    KPDX could move to its RF 30 position on its own tower and use the designations 30.131, 30.132, 30.133, and 30.134, and promote them as Ch. 13. Or move to RF 30 and announce as 13 for cable viewers, like the Fox station in San Diego which promotes itself as Fox 5 but it’s actually running on another channel over the air. The above designations could be adopted on the repeaters, tweaked as locally necessary.

    Just a thought.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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