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    I used to be able to get KOHI St. Helens pretty well here at the south end of Beaverton. I know they were operating at low power for awhile while they were rebuilding and/or moving their antenna. They were supposed to have finished their new antenna but I still can’t get them at all–even in the daytime I get the Eugene OPB facility more than anything. I don’t have any email or anything to get a hold of them. Does anybody here know anything?


    Andy Brown

    According to the FCC database, KOHI is currently licensed for non directional 1 kW day, 0.012 kw night, and has no recent authorizations for rebuilding or moving their antenna nor any special temporary authority to operate at anything other then normal parameters.

    This does not mean that repairs to their existing antenna may have forced them to operate at a lesser power or even be off the air for a single or several occurrences while undergoing repairs. Only when they must operate at less than licensed parameters for an extended period of time is it required to notify the FCC as long as it is at their licensed location. This may or may not include operating at night time parameters during the day or be off the air for short periods of time.



    I don’t hear them at all in Hillsboro… At one observation (4/29/15) they had a decent signal (5-8 over S-9) on my Icom 8500. All I hear today on 1600 is the OPB station at about S-6.

    Contact info from FCC public file:



    I checked 1600 this afternoon, and I heard nothing!

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