Is it time to break up Facebook?

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    Dan Packard

    In Sunday’s New York Times, the Sunday Review section, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes has an interesting opinion piece about the emerging perils of Facebook on society and Democracy.



    I’ve heard of a face breaking out but… 🙂



    NO. But, barely.
    YES. dominates internet social networking services (ALEXA #3). Subsidiary Instagram also dominates in social media sharing (ALEXA #15 – 16) and WhatsApp is a major instant message service (ALEXA #54 – 73). Oculus is a fail. Question become; break Facebook up into what?
    YES. Facebook ‘misinforms’ users, the public and governments as company and products expand customer bases and misinforms customers concerning its products. No law against that.
    YES. Facebook faces increasing critical reputations among users for the wholesale marketing of ‘personal data’ and from customers for not knowing what products are ‘available’ nor the proper price.
    YES. There no longer an independent ‘ratings service’ to measure audience and advert effectiveness. Facebook froze out market research ‘mining’ more than two years ago.
    NO. market share is not increasing. It’s own marketing data reveals last quarter daily app time per user decreased from 22 minutes to 20 minutes from the previous quarter. Another decrease in daily usage is expected next quarter ending this June. Daily, let alone active, user number were never available. Yet, advert revenues continue to increase.
    Sears & Roebuck was too big. General Motors was too big. DuPont was too big. IBM was too big. Kodak was too big. Microsoft was too big.
    Monopoly? Perhaps. But there are too many predator new age technology corporations which are in violation of national and international anti-trust laws. Alphabet, Amazon, Comcast and Disney as examples.

    WP is problematic.



    ^- That was painful to read, between SCOTUS9’s lack of line feeds and English proficiency. Yikes.




    If Facebook is worthy of anti-trust criticism, then isn’t Google subject to at least the same level of opprobrium?



    No. Ukraine.
    Critic the messenger, not the message. So much like home. Thank you.



    Get used to it. Welcome to pdxradio. You’re one of us now.

    You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.

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