Is Hillary being out-campaigned?

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    I still think she has a simple path toward winning, but I am getting more and more concerned that right now in early September she is being out-campaigned.

    Trump is coming on hard, (though very scripted and full of inconsistencies), but she is hardly visible. I don’t understand this game plan. Polls are showing upward ticks for Trump, though the electoral math is still looking pretty poor for him.

    Is she being out-campaigned right now?


    She’s in hiding. The more she talks the worse it gets for her. She hasn’t done a press conference for 8 months. It’s probably for the better for her since what would she say in response to the avalanche of questions she would get about her greedy maneuvers and lying? She’s banking on winning because Trump is so bad, and I think she was hoping to run out the clock.

    Trump seems to be gaining at her expense because some voters are beginning to wake up and see her for what she is–an opportunist and a grifter.

    “In a normal, healthy society, they would be ostracized for being such totally unpatriotic scammers, who go around abusing public trust, using public money, and then lying about it pathetically. And instead we all just get numb to it — it is an astonishing thing to live through.”

    About President Obama, Gingrich said: “Obama has lied for his entire presidency about everything from Obamacare to the Iranian deal. Why would he notice Bill and Hillary lying? You cannot be a modern liberal and tell the truth, as you saw a few minutes ago int he vice presidential nominee [Tim Kaine] who can’t even tell the truth about Hillary’s failure to hold press conferences.”

    “They have a belief that if you look in the camera and lie consistently, that the lies will eventually seem true.”

    Donald Trump has “thoughtfully decided to gamble on people being sick of corruption, sick of dishonesty, and sick of ‘poopy-talk’ if you will,” Gingrich said. “I think that he is trying to give you something much more genuine, much more authentic.”

    –Newt Gingrich


    She is keeping her tinder dry and waiting for the crucial final days of the campaign. Daily, Trump exhibits inconsistencies and fumbles that she can use against him when they move into the debate season.

    You can call Trump an unconventional candidate, or is he really a stupid campaigner? Hillary knows how to pace a campaign – she has been involved in many, many of them – while Trump simply has a rally because he hasn’t gotten his daily dose of adulation.

    It’s very much a Tortoise and Hare race, or should we call it a “POTUS and Hair” race?


    Don’t underestimate the strategy of getting out of the way when someone else is shooting themselves in the foot.

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