Is Faux News bad for the GOP?

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    The obvious answer is the GOP is bad news for the GOP. They have no idea how to find a candidate that can win. Instead, they have 10-15 wannabes who have such diverse opinions that nobody could possibly earn the delegates to win. And believe me, it is only going to get worse. Huckabee? No way, ain’t gonna happen. Rand? Nope. Cruz, absolutely not.

    So far, I like Rubio. He seems to me the most moderate, and a moderate is what it will take to win in 2016. The country has changed, and for the GOP to re-take the White House, they will need a moderate. This actually is similar to 1968, when moderate Nixon won. though only by a narrow margin.


    “Out of touch, wealthy people, clueless, well demonstrated.”


    Watching that video was truly painful. What nit-wits. I am truly speechless at the lack of manliness. The author should have just hit them over the head with the book and ran. Most teens and (gasp!) women can do better. I bet even that twit Elizabeth Hasselback could do it better, she just didn’t want to break a nail or get dirt on her knees.


    Both my daughters can change tires. 🙂 I made sure of it.

    Yes, it was totally painful. Embarrassing really. While this kind of thing seems shallow, and I think it is, I find it hard to get past.

    It’s shallow because people should be capable adults! When these clowns aren’t capable?

    Maybe they never really had to be adults.


    Bat shit validation brings great loyalty.


    Let’s put it this way, Jindal could get on FOX, rub shit in his hair, challenge Clinton to a mud wrestling debate and call out evil spirits as the real problem and do just fine.

    Non bat shit people would be seriously entertained by the spectacle, while the few and the brave who want their country back take it for realz start a discussion about how women aren’t fit to lead because old boobs. Also mud.


    I looked at the Business Insider link above, and I was a bit embarrassed to see how low the average current affairs scores were for all of the respondents. If these were school quizzes, the average person would have a failing score. However, I fear that I would probably not ace these quizzes either.

    In 1991, the band Tumor Circus released a song about the ignorance “infotainment” news consumers. Jello Biafra wrote these lyrics mainly in protest of USA Today, The National Enquirer, tabloid TV shows, and to a lesser degree in protest of CNN and over-the-air commercial network TV newscasts. Fox News, MSNBC, and what passes on the Internet for news writing were years in the future. However, reading the lyrics makes it seem as if not much has changed in the last 24 years! 🙁

    “Take me back or I’ll drown our dog.”
    Love those headlines
    Love those headlines

    “CIA is breeding slaves”

    Need those headlines
    Crave those headlines

    “Designer beef”
    “Surfing for Christ”
    “Horse molester must be stopped”
    “Police kill man to stop suicide”
    “City burns, Party goes on”

    Headlines-I wanna hear some
    Good News-Even if it’s a lie
    Scandal-For me to gaze on
    Entertain me tonight

    “Happy day ends in death”

    Love those headlines
    Need those headlines

    “Pollution signals opportunity”

    Need those headlines
    Crave those headlines

    “Viruses from AIDS lab sold”
    “Easter Bunny arrest shocks children at mall”
    “April slated as Child Abuse Month”
    “Donate blood and win prizes”

    Hey! what’s your favorite cartoon?
    Mine’s the Prime Time News
    Nightline, Twin Peaks, or the Simpsons
    Are all about as real as…

    Headlines-We all believe
    Good News-What we wanna believe
    Why let- truth get in the way
    of a good story

    Spin Control
    Stress Control
    Image Doctors
    Photo ops
    So much goes in
    And comes right back out
    Of my mind

    “Vegetarian terrorists”
    “Autopsies of the rich and famous”
    Reenact a crime
    It’s real enough for me…

    “A hopping mad Madonna stormed out of a Hollywood beauty
    parlor-after discovering the staff was selling her toenail clippings”

    “Used to be millions of mummies before the Egyptian railroads
    bought them by the ton and used them for locomotive fuel”

    “Motorcycle courier John Orchard was fined $400 after 50,000 hypodermic needles
    fell from his cycle on a busy highway and punc- tured the tires on 141 cars”

    “two weeks later, While they were eating ham- burgers at a drive-in,
    Jim-and I just love this part-put an onion ring on Sandy’s finger and asked her to marry him”

    This is how life should be
    So I’ll pretend it is
    Happy news
    For Happy people
    With Happy problems

    Headlines-tell a person something
    Good news-Long enough they’ll believe
    Anything-What they think is real
    Instead of what they see


    Pew Research has some new data that ought to serve as a warning for Faux and the rest of the Fear-Hate-Anger Radio Cabal.

    Pew Study: Right-Wing Radio Shows Among Most Distrusted Sources Of News

    Study Finds Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, And Sean Hannity More Distrusted Than Trusted Among All Generations

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