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    Trump already has the “Groper-In-Chief” position sewed up.
    But maybe there’s something like “Sexual Assault Czar” or something.


    Andy Brown

    Sadly, although it’s apparent he’s done at FAUX news, it begs the larger question of whether the sponsor boycott will follow him should he choose to take one of the offers that will undoubtedly be made when his exit from FAUX is official. One can only hope the fact that he is despicable will stick to him like skunk spray on a dog.

    Speaking of despicable, the forum idiot and his moron sidekick have been really subdued lately. With drumpf’s approval ratings still under water, with his failed attempts to employ a racist immigration policy, with his failed attempt to repeal Obamacare, with his complete turnaround on positions he made during his campaign too numerous to list and with his mounting travel costs surpassing any other President in history I think the stupid brothers have little to boast about. Even the placement of Gorsuch on the court which when you get right down to it is just one conservative replacing another dead conservative and does not really achieve any more then the right wing had before does not amount to much. Recent voter backlashes show support for anti drumpf candidates growing at a mammoth rate. And Bill O’Reilly, asshole that he is, will not leave FAUX quietly, further damaging the credibility of conservative dogma in spite of drumpf’s defending him as a brother pussy grabber.


    I’m not going to judge O’Reilly until there is credible evidence.

    Trump is doing fine. He’ll last the first term and will be reelected.

    Thanks for asking about me.



    The return of the lying, ignorant, hypocritical, trolling, tool.

    I’m surprised to hear from you. I’d have thought your busy schedule fellating other closeted right wing loons at the airport bathroom would have kept you otherwise engaged.



    Bacon, October 30th: “Something big is going to come out of these emails.”

    Bacon, today: “I’m not going to judge O’Reilly until there is credible evidence.”

    Bacon, perennially: hypocrite.



    Before his goose was cooked, it was a gosling…at KATU.

    (This has been posed before, but but here it is for those who may have missed it…)



    This still makes me LOL:


    Andy Brown

    That was the guy at KATU. Nasty, self centered and bombastic. I’m glad I had a minimum of interaction with him. He was at KATU my first year there, then he was gone. EVERYONE at KATU gave a big sigh of relief including the suits.



    Imagine adding 30 years of pure bitterness and hatred to the mix. That’s what he is today. A 72 year old serial abuser and an embarrassment of a human being. Time for him to board the next ice float.



    Nasty, self centered and bombastic. Are we talking about those dipshits at fake News Cnn like Don Lemming or Jake Crapper?

    Seriously Andy, you have just decribed 99.9% of all news reporters/ wannabe journalists at Fake News CNN and MSNBC.


    Andy Brown

    “Are we talking about those dipshits at”

    No, we are talking about Bill the asshole O’Reilly at KATU in 1985. You weren’t there so STFU.



    Though my background has been mostly radio, I certainly knew many in the TV business. And no, 99.9 percent of people I worked with were not the Bill O’Reilly’s of the world.

    Most were professional, kind and genuine. They recognized the nature of the business and respected it and the viewers and listeners.

    However, I have witnessed sexual harassment and know personally why some women choose not follow up with legal action. It’s just not worth it, sadly. So men who aren’t held accountable continue to harass until something like this happens.

    There’s a saying or mantra that states, “listen to the woman. Let her speak. She speaks the truth.”

    O’Reilly will find another place to spew his crap and probably has suitors already lined up. He may not make the money he’s made in the past and may not have the kind of viewership he’s had in the past.

    But his ego is too large not to be broadcasting somewhere.



    Listening to recordings of people blowing up, such as Bill O’Reilly and Casey Kasem, is amusing because one isn’t the target of the wrath of the angry person. The explosive behavior looks campy. However, to these people’s colleagues, this type of behavior is hurtful and demoralizing (unfortunately, recording media don’t reproduce that very well).

    On a related note, one can be tempted to swear at computers and other equipment. I find myself grumbling in this way at work sometimes. This is a bad practice because it shows that one is not fully in control of the tools used to do one’s job.



    O’Reilly has a good income from his books, but his books sell mainly due to his tv presence. Will someone pick him up? Perhaps, or perhaps not.

    My personal opinion he is through as a TV commentator, but I would not be surprised if he lands somewhere.

    Don’t forget he had a radio show back in the aught 00’s. Perhaps he will head back there.

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    …except that format is dead. The only reason it exists at all is because there’s nothing with which to replace it!

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