IS Bill Clinton a Rapist?

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    I think this is a very fair question to be asking considering Bill’s notorious behavior in the past. There were numerous women who accused Bill Clinton of Rape, starting with Juanita Broadddrick.


    Is Melania Trump a Communist? Her father was a member of the Communist Party in what was then Yugoslavia. Can you imagine if Michelle Obama’s father had been a member of the party? Republicans would have soiled themselves daily and expected the rest of us to do likewise.


    Here’s another fair question;

    Have you stopped beating your wife?


    He might or might not be – but it doesn’t really matter to me since he’s not running for office.

    Andy Brown

    dork needs to do some serious thinking as to whether or not he wants to remain a member of this forum. Constantly throwing up irrelevant topics as a means to deflect from the reality of the upcoming Republican losses in the Presidential election, the likely loss of GOP control in The Senate and a diminished majority in The House have driven dork to the forum equivalent of wildly flailing his arms and shouting “but but but” <bad Clinton><bad Clinton>.

    It and you are laughable, dork. There is nothing to your posts that belong here. I suggest you post in the comments section under the articles in The NY Post or National Enquirer because no one here (except maybe F&B) is interested in your drivel.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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