Indiana Church Of Cannibis

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    This is awesome!

    So, we had a huge national dialog on gay people and discrimination. The product of that was a fix to the law specifically neutering that part of it.

    But, it left the law untouched otherwise.

    The net result of the fix is Indiana reverts to how it was before this mess. Big city discriminators are out of luck, but rural ones are likely in luck.

    So that’s going to continue to chug along for a while…

    Meanwhile, we’ve got the clown I linked above. He’s incorporated a Church of Cannibis, and the remaining law actually hobbles the enforcement capacity of the State of Indiana!

    Hilarious, if you ask me.

    It’s unclear how state officials would react to church worship services, which Levin says will feature a “canna choir” and a band. Indiana does not allow medical or recreational use of marijuana.

    [POLL: Poll: 70 Percent of Americans Say Smoking Weed Is Not a Sin]

    Marijuana charges generally are pursued in state courts. But the new religious freedom law says the state cannot “substantially burden a person’s exercise of religion” except when the state uses the “least restrictive means of furthering [a] compelling governmental interest.”

    It’s unclear if officials or courts would deem marijuana prohibition a compelling government interest, or if they would uncritically accept the church members’ professions of faith.

    There are still Federal considerations, so it’s not a smoke fest there just yet, but still! Indiana may well be the first State to legalize religious pot, joining those who are doing medical and or recreational pot.

    How much you want to bet they just didn’t see that one coming?

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