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    Andy Brown

    drumpf knew about Flynn’s lying to Pence for weeks but didn’t do anything. I guess he hoped no one would find out beyond the intelligence community.

    Every day it’s something new and disturbing. By tonight we might be talking about something else altogether. The drumpf presidency is a total disaster so far.

    But fear not. Pope bacon says he will be a great president.


    I don’t have time to look into this or worry about it. But from the little I do know about it, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. But every day there will be a Trump “scandal” or something “disturbing” since the mainstream media is in cahoots with the Democrats.


    The media is doing their job. And it is a big deal. When allegations are being made by multiple sources that Trump, and/or his closest advisors had conversations with Russian officials, and apparently so did the leader of National Security, then the media is not only going to cover it, but should cover it as one of our “checks and balances”. Simple history of how our government works. Perhaps you have lost track of what you were taught in jr. high school.


    Bacon is battening down the hatches on his Bio-Bubble-Dome. A Trump shitstorm is coming, and that might bum his orange-tinged post-election mellow, so he’s digging in for the duration.

    You stay safe in there, little buddy! When this all blows over, just wait for the “all clear” and then you can come out.

    Andy Brown

    drumpf is on the way to his personal end of the line a lot faster then bacon understands.

    The odds in England for drumpf to be out in less than a full year started on inauguration day at 8:1

    They don’t think it’s such a long shot anymore at almost 2:1

    In the U.S. it’s not getting quite the slashing and stands at about 4:1

    I’ve been playing this on my axe this evening:



    So, you don’t have the time to look into the particulars of a story. Or, worry about it. Yet from the “little you do know”, (an apt description which could apply to a vast array of topics) it’s “not a big deal”.

    Do you have any idea how stupid that sounds?

    What a good little solider you are. Dear Leader appreciates your unconditional support.

    And “cahoots”? Who are you, Yosemite Sam?

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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