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    Say what you will about the Seattle Seahawks in their 2nd straight Super Bowl, but this team is made up of characters.

    Sure we had The Boz for a short stint back in the 80’s, but nothing compares to this 2014 team. Richard Sherman, big mouth but intelligent, Coach Pete Carroll, one the oldest coaches who still acts like a 25 year old, Michael Bennett who seemed REALLY relaxed…


    Then of course, the always tight lipped Marshawn Lynch. Top story of the day…



    Here’s a better interview. As a huge fan of Skittles myself, I concur.


    And, he likes cat videos. Even better!


    Go Hawks!


    It’s a pretty brilliant ploy. Everyone in the country is talking about Marshawn Lynch right now. We wouldn’t give a shit if he were cooperative with the press. It also takes the spotlight off of Russell Wilson, cutting down his stress level immensely. Pretty crafty.


    To see the REAL Marshawn tonight, check out Conan. Believe me, there was more Marshawn on display with Conan than the past two seasons combined. Great job Conan, and great job Marshawn who really isn’t afraid to just be himself.


    Yeah, I saw that bit with Conan. An entirely different side of him, right? Was fun to see. Besides, as long as he gets over 100 yards on Sunday – I don’t much care how much he messes with the media. Let’s get TWO in row – for the first time in 10 years. And who was the last team to win two Super Bowls in a row? Let me think…..



    The league is forcing the issue here. Yes, it is in the contract of every player that they must make themselves accessible to the media.

    There is nothing forcing them what to say.

    In the first and second media sessions, Lynch prefaced it by telling everyone how he would answer every question. And that is precisely what he did.

    I personally liked it. It made the league, and Roger Goodell, look like idiots.

    Marshawn Lynch isn’t comfortable with the media, never has been, never will be. He’s not a combative prick like Rasheed Wallace was, he’s just a quiet, private guy. And as we have seen with the Conan bit, and other things, he’s pretty funny, when in his element. When he is forced to be OUT of his element, he shells up.

    All I care about is if he goes off tomorrow, when it matters.

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