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    See something you are FOR? I suggest you put it there.

    Your money.

    I have a recurring stream going to:

    Our Revolution
    Justice Democrats
    A few select progressive voices.

    I discontinued my DNC stream, and OR Dem donations as of convention 2016.

    After midterms, I will re evaluate all of that.



    What is it that Bernie or someone like Bernie can do better than Trump can?

    It seems to me it’s just more State manipulation of the economy. Make-work jobs and lots of free stuff that put a greater burden on productive people.

    I think you are turning a blind eye to what is a huge negative impact on our economy, and that is that there is too great a ratio between those who work and those who don’t work, and that workers have a heavy and increasing burden in supporting non-workers, and that the State pays itself too well both during the working years and in their pension years. They are sucking off the cream of the crop and then some and there is less to go around for the real producers and workers.

    It seems to me you’re only focusing on the rich people and hoping to shake some of what they have loose, but you’re missing the real culprits, maybe because they are part of the State and that you see the State as the be-all and end-all, and it doesn’t occur to you that they are the problem.



    As AOL used to say “goodbye.”



    Goodbye to diversity and hello to a very small, shrinking, irrelevant, and increasingly vanilla board.

    Why don’t you guys just send emails to each other or make it a private chat room so that you don’t hear any opinions from outside of the bubble?

    Anyway, I’m in agreement with you regarding Bernie. He would be a disaster for the Democrats and would have been trounced by Trump. But I don’t understand why you are so hard on MK. He wanted Bernie, but at least voted for Clinton. He’s not to blame for Clinton’s defeat. She is to blame for sitting on her butt and being arrogant and sure of herself, but on the other hand, so were her supporters. Maybe they’re to blame too. And we must give Trump credit where credit is due. He’s a novice but a genius. The very first time he ran for office he won the biggest prize of them all, in spite of opposition from the Clinton machine, the Republican establishment, and every news outlet except for Fox. The deck was heavily stacked in her favor. And one could argue the Libertarian candidate sucked more votes away from Trump than from Hillary.



    You need to be in jail. I feel very sorry for your wife and kids. Their father is a complete loser an should be on a watch list.


    Andy Brown

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