If you vote for Trump, then screw you

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    Trump is human waste. He is the worst of America stuffed into a nacho cheese casing, and he is emblematic of the kind of arrogant, flag-waving, trashy, racist moron that the rest of us have to DRAG kicking and screaming into the 21st century: Cliven Bundy, Sean Hannity, Kim Davis, and on and on and on. Trump voters are the people who have spent the past decade or so voting insipid obstructionists into office, sending death threats to anyone who even mentions the idea of gun control, demanding 100% tax cuts on millions of dollars they can only daydream about making, and getting suckered in by any Oil Party candidate waving a NO GAYS flag. Fuck them. These are needy hillbilly loons who are just as starved for attention as Trump himself. And voting for Trump is their way of emulating him, of saying FUCK YOU to everyone else as a mission statement, with no regard for the fallout.



    Woah that is over the top. I agree that trump is not qualified but this argument only hurts the Clinton campaign. Civility is still important here IMO. Frankly being civil is Hillary’s way to winning.


    As a proud deplorable, I’m voting for Trump, in spite of my hurt feelings that you won’t like me. Not that it will do that much good in this hopelessly blue state. (If only Oregon would turn red this election, for the first time I would be proud to be an Oregonian…)

    You forgot to condemn Obama’s brother. He’s an irredeemable too.

    You need to open your mind to the possibility that many of us have good reasons for voting Trump, and many more good reasons for not being into Hillary. You’re being a bigot.


    Fuck off Bacon McFuck Face.

    And Paul, come on, these are just facts put out there very bluntly.

    Anyone that has money invested in the stock market should be scared shitless of a Trump election.


    As I am not a huge fan of Clinton, I do feel out of the two she is better suited to be President. Thump is just too unpredictable. The U.S. is getting to be the laughing stock of the civilized world. The thought of Trump leading this country, scares me. Who knows what he may do or try to do? Also if he is elected, expect the Stock Market to make a dive. The stock market like stability, and most economists have stated, that the Stock Market is likely to take a dive. That alone would keep me from voting for him, as I have an IRA. As much as I was not a fan of other Presidents in the past, at least I figured they could lead our country. When quite of few Republicans are voting for Clinton, they know very well Trump is trouble. The news media has pushed this Thump thing to the point, where I am sick of seeing him on TV. If Trump is elected, the TV media can be blamed for a lot of it. Trump has gotten millions of free advertising. He does not need a super pack, the TV media is willing to give him any time he wants. I am 67 years old and I have never seen anything like this. I have been voting since 1968, in the Nixon era. Even he was better! Any other candidate that even said one of the outlandish things he has said, the election would be over for them. But Trump can get away with anything. His supporters could care less. Where is the morality? Is is gone from the U S humanity? If it is, then this country will not be around much longer.


    As Secretary Clinton defined “Deplorables”:

    To just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? Racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, you name it.

    So, as a “Proud Deplorable” tell me, how many of these boxes do you proudly check?







    Half? I think Hillary is low-balling it.


    I don’t check any of those boxes. I’ll be called those names anyway. That’s sadly what liberals do. I consider the source and the malicious intent behind the attack.


    You check all 5 boxes douche.


    Drew Magary’s head is going to explode!

    Andy Brown

    Bacon bloviated:

    “You need to open your mind to the possibility that many of us have good reasons for voting Trump, and many more good reasons for not being into Hillary. “

    That’s just it, Vern. There are NO good reasons to vote for drumpf, only bad ones.

    Clearly, based on your very own posts on this board in this election, you have stated unequivocally that the primary reason you are voting for drumpf is that he “promised” (your word) to nominate a SCOTUS judge that would move the country towards overturning a previous decision about the legality of women having control over their own reproductive health.

    Here’s the thing. drumpf is not going to get that chance but I’ll humour your idea to show that even if drumpf was elected, he would not do that. So in essence, counting on a liar seems to me and I’m sure many others is not a ‘good’ idea. It is certainly overlooking the other damage drumpf would do to the economy, social services and a long list of other stuff. First off, anti abortion judges are certainly out there, but you seem to have overlooked the fact that presidents do not appoint SCOTUS judges, they only nominate them. A judge that is overtly anti abortion would never get approved by the Senate (even if it was still under GOP control) because of the filibuster rules. Especially since the GOP has set the precedent of ignoring the current presidential nominee, the Democratic Party would never let a nominee even get to a floor vote, probably not even get out of committee.

    Here’s a reality check for you: Clinton will win and the GOP will rush to confirm Merrick Garland or find themselves facing an even more liberal Clinton nominee. That’s what you should be preparing yourself for instead of perpetuating your fantasy that drumpf will win.

    Abortion will always remain a legal procedure no matter how much you dislike that fact. With 7 out of 10 Americans desiring that it remain legal, what kind of a fool would consider drumpf’s ‘promise’ to overturn it as a serious campaign promise(on the donald’s part, after all his mouth mostly delivers lies according to many fact checking organizations) let alone the inability for the Senate to process some whacko unqualified judge that is outspoken about being anti abortion without 60 Senate votes (even if the GOP retains control of the Senate, they won’t have 60 votes and they won’t have every Republican Senator on board for someone too controversial). After all, the Senators want to be reelected.

    As to the second part of your statement, about not being into Hillary, it is totally consistent for you and those that think like you (to any degree, there aren’t many that are as out of touch with reality as you are) to not be into Hillary. She’s a woman that has risen in her chosen field, obtained power and money, has never been indicted let alone found guilty of any wrongdoing, stood by her man when he was indiscreet, has a ton of foreign relations experience and knows how the government works. Your feelings towards her, although heavily influenced by media coverage of scandals almost exclusively created by the GOP spin machine, match up with your personal defects like misogyny, no respect for authority (remember, you just alluded that Dan our admin is a ‘liberal bully’), highly over rate your own media networking value and skills (remember when you got thrown out of here the 4th time and started your own discussion forum that had you and Herb as members), your incessant need to speak for larger groups whom you do not officially nor accurately represent and your general illusion that you are an expert on certain topics just because they are part of your cause. You’ve never understood mathematics very well (which could explain why you think drumpf will win) and have little to no understanding of science and scientific facts nor the processes used to validate them. You aren’t a good conservative (the real conservatives are not supporting drumpf, list available on request) nor are you a genuine Christian, having admitted you only adopted the extreme conservative Christian ethic halfway through adulthood. In other words, you just aren’t a genuine person and it seems only logical to me that you would be attracted to the disingenuous type of candidate which drumpf is most certainly.

    Your vicious attacks on the truth do not further your cause nor your popularity around here. The other conservatives on this board aren’t rushing in to defend the outrageous positions you take and are attacked for. You are alone when you are here.

    So quit your whining. Neither your Jesus or the more secular God of many mainstream religions would ever condone the behavior of the radical right wing christian baboons.

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