If this had been a Republican….

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    Andy Brown

    Nothing here folks, just a desperate old white man trying to create a smoke screen.

    Yeah, Herb, you.

    Smoking pot? It’s legal in half the states, and when we as a country being not only held hostage by a malfeasant president who is mentally disturbed but also a Republican party with no brains, no balls and no clue can finally move forward, it will be legal countrywide.


    I guess her soon to be ex wanted to cause her problems and that’s the best he could come up with on short notice. He committed a crime as did the Daily Mall by publishing without consent, but yes, that happens all the time.

    The more level headed Independent ran this:

    Iron Cross: First, the Iron Cross is Prussian and goes back to 1817 and the Napoleonic Wars, clearly predating Nazi Germany although the Nazis did adopt it. Second, that part of the photo you linked to when magnified appears to show that particular section of the image has been manipulated (Photoshopped). Third, even if that part of the image is real, it doesn’t jive with Ms. Hill’s track record as a public servant.

    All you’ve really done here Herb is underscore how desperate the Republican Party is these days. How’d that Clinton email server thing work out for you?



    Curiously, Donald Trump is actually in favor of legalizing pot! This gives John Stewart something good to say about Trump, other than not being a cannibal.



    Got it.

    Falsely accuse those with whom you disagree, like Kavanaugh, all day long. Just leave Democrats alone.

    You wear hypocrisy well.

    Only problem is that it’s about to get a whole lot tougher for the left.

    Can you say declassification and OIG report?



    Herb, your president is a lying criminal who makes Nixon look like a boy scout. Stop trying to change the subject.

    Andy Brown

    Herb, you need to add “delusional” to your list of symptoms.

    Looks pretty clear to most lucid people that drumpf will be impeached and a majority of the Senate will vote to remove him from office. Whether or not the vote count of Republicans waking up and smelling the roses gets to 67 isn’t a certainty, yet. But every day drumpf and the GOP look worse.

    And if you’re still looking for someone to pin that ad hominem attack donkey tail you carry around with you every day, look no further:



    You just can’t make this up!


    Oh look, people making virtue arguments about corporate Dems.

    Herb is not wrong, but for “the left” part of his statement.

    “The left”, actual lefties not taking big corruption money, is not having anything become tougher. For us?

    Awesome times, getting better every day. Real lefties want nothing to do with the legal bribery and corruption causing us all so damn much grief.

    Corporate, big money Dems have their own skeletons in the closet, and Trump is just enough of a man child to return tit for tat.


    Welcome to what “lesser evil” actually means.

    Truth is, voting for, advocating we continue the mess that got us Trump makes just about as much sense as those virtue signals do.


    Vote for Trump then!


    Why do that when I can totally continue working with all the people seeking to improve the party and advance better politics?

    All that work continues no matter what the election outcome is. Continues even should Bernie get elected.

    40 plus years of failed big money economic policy is enough. No more votes for that shit.

    When people get tired of regression, they know where the progressive votes are.

    Might take a while though. Buckle up. Trust me, I have.

    Remember, it works like this:

    Vote Major Party
    Vote Other
    No Vote.

    No votes were 40 plus percent last time. Progressives will continue to court those votes. It is entirely obvious we must too.

    Expecting those votes because Trump is a losing game. Too many of them will not be there, and they won’t be there because far too many Americans to ignore find voting for more of the same party failure and excuses is not worth doing.

    Used to be that could be ignored when the numbers were smaller, the impact of party failure were not so broad. Today, that is all no longer true. We crossed over to a majority impacted during Obama. And to be clear I am not saying that majority will abstain. They won’t.

    What I am saying is the percentage of them unwilling to vote is large enough now to matter.

    And that makes the game look like this:

    Everyone knows that 40 some percent is out there.

    Everyone knows a solid, say 80 to 90 percent of the regular voters, aligned with Dems will vote blue no matter who.

    But, that is not enough today. Indies grew, now over 40 percent of regular voters. And sadly, the Trumpers are all gonna show up. They love the guy

    Centrists are going to hope they can pull people over from the GOP. That is the move right, but they cannot count on the progressive, economic left vote like they used to. Centrism will not attract enough of the 40 percenters to win either. Result? High risk election. Likely Trump or Pence win.

    Progressives are going to hope they can pull people over from the GOP with strong policy, populist. These numbers will be small. They also are courting no voters with strong vote for policy. Nobody knows what those numbers are, but internal campaign data looks favorable. As our chat here shows, progressives lose many centrists. Result? High risk election, same dynamics.

    Without some agreement, we are gonna lose to Trump. That is exactly why I wrote, “make it about ALL Americans, or lose.”

    Now, centrists want people to give the same politics one more try, because Trump is terrible. Young and no voters will largely abstain. How many, “just one more try” efforts make sense? Increasing numbers of people answer with, “no more.”

    Progressives want people to get behind a strong populist policy, which has the advantage of seriously attracting both young and no voters. Far fewer of them will abstain. Might be enough. Definitely is in the general, but the primaries are closed, more than not.

    Both conflicting factions of the party have a different basis, and means to attempt getting others to join them too.

    Centrists are largely pointing to Trump as that basis, as well as money and party leadership giving them credence and standing to do that. Call this, “the club” We call the shots, so sit down, shut up, etc.. Ask Clinton how that worked. I hear she is threatening a third run. (Deffo Trump, if she does)

    Progressives are pointing at that party leadership, “the club” needing reform as well as their strong, inclusive policy, no big money, and said policy being more favorably aligned with more Americans as their credence and will point to human struggle and need for their standing to do that.

    I wrote earlier about the fact that these conversations will and need to happen or we lose for sure.

    Just know, AM radio, bumper sticker type, “just vote for Trump” garbage is not productive at all.

    It just is not about that no matter how hard the work on framing it as such is. In a basic sense, that is the outcome. But how people arrive at their vote or no vote is more policy based than not. History matters too.

    It is all about:

    People feeding their kids
    Seeing the doctor
    Ones work paying enough to make it
    Soul crushing college debt
    The environment we are damaging daily

    All of those things did not start with Trump. They have been building for decades. While great social progress got made, more and more people fell out of the middle class too. Now that changes things.

    Standard party responses include:

    Those bad Republicans… which makes a great case for party reform! Doing that same ineffective shit makes what sense? Are they just ineffective? Is the money hobbling them? Who knows other than they have not actually delivered.

    Need more votes… how do those happen when the party near constantly throws labor under the bus, agrees to austerity over and over, fails to fight over and over, takes the same big money the GOP does, over and over? Votes to cut important things over and over?

    How do we pay for that? Making right wing, neoliberal arguments against great policy long overdue for a majority of Americans helps GOTV how? We just do not need to play it that way and our own history tells us that. Said history is near completely ignored too. That does not get people to the polls.

    Nobody ever asks how we can continue to not pay for endless war both parties have advanced for decades either.

    I will stop there. I am more than clear enough.

    Flat out, I do not believe for a second that centrism, and or moves right can win, nor will it actually result in a net good gain for most Americans who really need it and who are long overdue.

    Because of these things, I am not inclined to waste my time to squeak out a win, which may be doable maybe on a very good day, only to see more of the same tepid politics deliver the same tepid reduction in the rate of decline I have seen and been a part of for decades now, and neither should you.


    Oh, no bumper sticker answers here?

    Remember, I care about your concerns exactly as much as you care about mine.


    We’re to believe anything from the delusional left after the 92% chance your Democrat MSM assured us Hillary would win?

    Okie dokie.

    After years of Mueller, you can keep riding the impeachment train into the sunset.

    It’s about to get very real for the left.
    Not that you’d know in this echo chamber.

    De-classification will break it wide open.
    That includes HRC, Clapper, Brennan.
    They have it all.
    Including thousands of ‘lost’ emails.
    You picked the wrong battle, my friends.

    Heard about ‘origins’ intel found on the recently deceased ISIS leader? You will.

    Heard the latest about McCabe, Page & Strzok?
    You will.

    Stay cocky.
    There are more notches down to go.


    Air Force X-37B secret spaceplane lands


    After what, hundreds of days in orbit?

    SG1 actually mentioned these in the series. Even with similar name. Spiffy!

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