I don't see it as voting for Clinton

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    I see it as voting for the EPA, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Voting Rights Act, Food Stamps, Minimum Wage, ACA, Roe v. Wade, Marriage Equality, Dep’t of Ed, National and Community Services Act, environmental research at Dep’t of Energy, USAID, Rail grants, Community Dev Fund, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, CPB, NEA, a liberal majority in SCOTUS for the next 30 years that will overturn Citizens United.


    It’s not about Clinton. It’s about 80 years of progress we’re in danger of losing because some are not looking at the big picture.



    Thanks, Amus! That is an excellent way of putting it!


    Social Security will be gone if Trump is elected?

    Isn’t that the scare tactic of Democrats every election? It’s getting old and I don’t thing anyone believes it anymore.


    If Trump gets elected, you can add another item, The Stock Market. The Stock Market likes stability and with Trump all over the board on things, watch it drop like a rock. Clinton is not the jewel of the Nile, but she sure is much better than Trump. Mike Pence is another far right guy. No thanks. I will take my chances with Trump.


    Trump has declared he will not cut social security. Per usual, there are no policy details of any kind to look at accompanying that statement.

    That statement is also at direct odds with GOP leadership including Paul Ryan. Oh, and Trump’s running mate. Pence, Indiana’s governor and a former member of Congress, is in favor of every method of cutting and altering Social Security: raising the retirement age, reducing the cost of living adjustment and means-testing. He supports privatizing Social Security: setting up individual accounts and investing of the money in the stock market. “I’m an all-of-the-above guy,” Pence told CNN in 2010.

    The GOP platform also explicitly calls for younger works to “have the option of creating their own personal investment account as supplements to the system.” That’s widely seen as a not so subtle way of politically having your cake and eating it too. To wit, allowing GOP public officials to say they support the system, while at the same time working to dismantle or at the least privative much of it.

    The last Republican president actively worked at selling that bridge to the American electorate as well. George W Bush tried to sell it and no-one was buying. How soon people forget.

    While one could say the statement, “Republicans are calling for the abolition of social security” is somewhat hyperbolic, it’s not actually at odds with the widely held and widely advocated for sentiments at the heart of “modern” Republican politics. I.e. They would like to scrap large parts, if not the entire system, and re-work it into a privatized entity.

    They’re careful (or mostly careful) with the language as its politically volatile, but the intent is clear. None of that is factually contestable. So, it’s not really a scare tactic.

    Claiming Hillary is the devil incarnate, peddling discredited or out and out insane conspiracy theories, painting the political opposition as agents of evil, questioning one’s patriotism or love of country, or stating that electing Hillary or Democrats will, literally, cause the collapse of the Republic, claiming Hillary or President Obama secretly sympathize with Islamic terrorists and cannot keep you safe, etc. Those are scare tactics. It’s literally all Trump has been running on.

    That, too, is beyond contestation.

    One of my main problems with you, Pope Bacon, is not that you’re “Christian” or a “Republican” or whatever dumb label you want to attach to yourself.

    It’s that you’re a knowingly lying, hypocritical, piece of shit.


    Privatization would be the death of Social Security.

    Social Security is very popular.

    Republicans don’t want to say outloud that they want to kill it.

    So they hide behind the subterfuge of privatization.


    It’s definitely an unfair system which causes an ever increasing burden on workers.

    In theory, of course it would be better to be privatized, but that’s politically impossible. Too many people have seen it as an entitlement or something “they paid into.”

    But the more the merrier when it comes to government dependence, at least for Democrats. The more people who get government checks, the more people they expect will vote for them.

    What steps have Republicans actually taken to privatize Social Security? What did they do when they had Bush, the Senate and the House. Did they even try?

    Again, it’s a Democrat scare tactic. They want old people to think that the rug will be pulled out, which of course it will not be, even if there were steps taken to make it a more fair system.


    What did they do when they had Bush, the Senate and the House. Did they even try?

    Jesus dude!
    Don’t want to do the legwork yourself?
    Do you know how to use the Google or are you just lazy?



    The only way to make Social Security “fair” is to remove the income cap. I’m not paying SS anymore for the rest of the year. How is that fair? I say remove the income cap and reduce the percentage of the tax, which would result in a tax reduction for the middle class.

    As for privatizing it, spare me. You have the ability to do private accounts via a 401K or an IRA. SS is an insurance program. Judging by the amount of folks out there that have meager balances or even no 401K or IRA, or cashed it our or borrowed against it, they’ll be damn happy they still have SS to rely on.

    Andy Brown

    Here’s some brutal truth about numbers that plays into this discussion.

    The next President inherits a hugely improved economy as compared to when the Obama administration inherited the last economy administrated over by Dubya. However, the next recession is past due. The economy is strong in some sectors and very strong in others. The GOP rhetoric seems to ignore all the improvements and is of course playing to the 23%’rs and the older manufacturing sector workers that have found re-employment challenging, usually as a result of nothing more then geography. If you won’t move or there is no need for your skill set, you need to retrain and start at a lower wage. Or explore self employment and entrepreneurship. However, whatever you glean from that, remember this: The next recession can be a short mild one or it can be worse than the last one. Voting for donald is a vote for the latter. The economy can not remain stable under trump for all the reasons already mentioned AND the fact that you can not (much to the dismay of many conservatives) have a growing economy under an isolationist agenda and ever changing foreign policy views. Remember, this is a guy who has channeled former President Ronald Reagan’s “peace through strength” mantra, vowing to make the military so strong that no country would want to mess with the United States.
    But in the past, he has faced scrutiny for saying that the U.S. has no role in fighting the Islamic State or the ruling regime in Syria, and that it is OK for Russia to strike targets, including U.S.-backed rebels, inside Syria. Now he’s all about destroying ISIS with military force. It’s not just Wall Street that will have indigestion but also the military and commerce. Truth is, he has no clue and God forbid he ever become the CIC.

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