How is Hillary Still on the ticket???

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    Remember there is always Gary Johnson.


    The answer is easy. Ten years ago Donald said some bad words. The Hillary-complicit media has an excuse now to replay them over and over. What Trump SAID continues to be their focus instead of what Hillary DID.


    Each candidate is still on their respective tickets because the party members chose them as the party leader, and want them to run for president.

    Difference is, no one in the Democratic party is asking Hillary to step down. Every Democratic party leader and national elected leader is supporting Hillary. No Democrat goes from debate to debate, nervous that Hillary might say or do something that will embarrass her or her party.

    In short, Hillary’s still on the ticket because Democrats want to keep her on the ticket. If Trump drops off the ticket, it will be because Republicans do NOT want Trump to represent them anymore, or Trump decides staying in the race is not worth it. Democrats have no control over what Trump decides to do.

    Righties, this is your mess and your mess only. You chose Trump. You think that the country, or the world, or the media is being unfair to Donny? Cry me a river. If you want to blame Donald’s situation on Hillary or the unfair media, go ahead, you’re just confirming the conservative culture of victimhood.


    In the 1960’s Republicans chose hate in the name of the Southern Strategy.

    In the 1980’s Republicans chose hate in the name of Jesus by way if the Christian Coalition and the (not so) “Moral Majority”.

    In 2016, Republicans reap the whirlwind.

    Andy Brown

    Bacon, if all you’ve got left is blaming the media you should just walk away. drumpf is far too flawed to be a politician at any level let alone the presidency. Hillary may not be perfect but no one that’s been in politics, been elected to the Senate and been in a cabinet position is going to be squeaky clean. Frankly, Vernon, the more you try and reverse drumpf’s fall the more foolish you look.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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