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    Candy Coated Jesus



    I have never had a Christian tell me that most Christians are bigots. I only see that kind of ugliness on message boards like this one. But you’re free to say that though your favorite theologians, etc. I’d rather discuss it than try to silence you.

    Go ahead and tell Dan you do not want the views of Catholicism expressed on this board. I’ve known that for a long time. You want to be the official Christian and all the libs would be very happy about that, since your version of Christianity is very easy to swallow.

    I have been no more “judgemental” than anyone else. Don’t take “candy coated” personally because it was in response to other posts too.

    Be sure to be consistent when you tattle to dan and tell him you also don’t like the name calling and abusiveness that pervades this board. Or do you? That’s a form of judgement too and it’s very ugly.

    Do your thing Chris. If you succeed, you’ll get pats on the back from a couple of posters here and gain even more approval and be considered an awesome Christian by people who otherwise hate Christianity. But for the record, I have posted nothing ban worthy or even close to it.


    Remind me again, how many times have you already been kicked off of here?


    “That’s a form of judgement too and it’s very ugly. ”


    It’s much easier to not be ugly. Then people don’t have ugly things to say.

    See how that works?

    If you somehow managed to get Chris, of all people, to endorse or even contemplate a ban, you’ve been ugly. There it is, straight up. No question.

    I want you to notice a difference.

    KSKD, and others, get called out on something. Doesn’t matter. Could be just being a dick, or like you did, bigot, etc…

    Notice what happened?

    Mostly nothing. Hell, Herb tried that for years. Still does once in a while. And it’s hilarious when he does!

    Most of us are pretty secure in a few things. I am regarding the basics that are never OK. You know what they are.

    Most of us know for any of that garbage to be meaningful requires positive cases for making other people’s life choices for them too.

    So when those cases aren’t there, getting called out doesn’t mean shit. Never has, never will. And we will say as much too. No worries.

    Flinging some shit around is kind of fun, and we’ve all done it. Ask Deane. He’s a world class shit slinger when he feels like a sling. Highly entertaining.

    Now you get called out, and you start to get upset over it, like you are entitled to something or have some special status, neither of which are more true for you than anyone else here. Lots of worries.

    Ever wonder why that is?

    Perhaps you aren’t so secure in those things. I wonder.

    And there is the difference.

Viewing 5 posts - 91 through 95 (of 95 total)
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