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    I like that question as well Chris.

    One of my favorite bloggers, Blue Gallery who now co hosts The Professional Left podcast, ran an event called Blog Against Theocracy.

    And the idea was to have a dialog along the lines of that question. For several years, I asked it and then just listened or tead, whatever. Then ask questions, until the good stuff comes out.

    I found it very interesting to get past those Pokémon cards and into what drives people. They have similar drives, faith, type of faith or not.

    @chris… she runs with a segment you might enjoy called Bible Bitch. Usually she takes one of those Pokémon card verses, puts it into some relevant politics, then ends with some basic realization she has. It’s a style I find enjoyable. And believing isn’t really core to any of it. Just making some sense is.


    If I’m wrong about God, then I wasted my life.
    If you’re wrong about God, then you wasted your eternity.


    @Missing: Thanks, when I get a chance I’ll check out the podcast.

    @Gouge: I tried to view to the link but it went nowhere fast for me so I stopped listening. Sorry, bro.


    “More than half described Christians are literalistic, anti-intellectual, judgmental, self-righteous, and bigoted.”
    ― Marcus J. Borg, Speaking Christian: Why Christian Words Have Lost Their Meaning and Power – And How They Can Be Restored


    From Marcus Borg’s obituary:

    Alongside scholars such as John Dominic Crossan, Borg was a leader in the Jesus Seminar, which brought a skeptical eye to the Scriptures and in particular to supernatural claims about Jesus’ miracles and his resurrection from the dead.

    So he didn’t believe that Jesus was God, performed miracles, or rose from the dead? He was just a super nice guy?

    I suppose according to him we Catholics are bigoted and self-righteous for not buying into his dogma and being “literalistic” about Jesus.

    No thanks about allowing him to “restore” Christian words. I’ll take 2,000 years of continuous Church teaching beginning with Jesus over the words of one man any day.


    That all begins with the words of somebody who said Jesus said stuff.


    Oh and deffo bigots, until gay issues get sorted proper.


    @Evan, how are things? Have you got native status yet? 🙂 You have to have made some good friends.

    Based on our conversation, it seems you are in a good place. I have a good friend from there, and you are among good people who will totally get that.

    @F&B, BROADWAY, HERB, et al.

    You clowns really look like clowns when you attempt to present as superior or in possession of something that warrants the large majority of the shit you say.



    I lean into theologians, like Borg and others, because they actually use intellect, reason and are a thinking persons scholar. Not into hyperbole.

    The Jesus Seminar was not a “religious” event. It was scholars from around the globe, working through 503 sayings that were attributed to Jesus. It wasn’t meant to be a “worship” experience. It was scholars who wanted to seek a better understanding of the historical Jesus over the Christ of Faith.

    I suppose according to him we Catholics are bigoted and self-righteous for not buying into his dogma and being “literalistic” about Jesus.

    Your assumptions about Borg are filled with hyperbole. But I’ve come to expect that from you.


    As far as Catholicism is concerned, they’ve made their case. Same-sex sexual contact is disordered behavior, and a sin. But it’s not a sin to have an inclination. There is nothing to “sort out.” That’s how it’s always going to be. And nobody is going to force us to bake cakes implying otherwise, but I will not be at all surprised when they try. Catholics are therefore “bigots”? That’s funny. We also are therefore “misogynists” in your upsidedown moral world, since we oppose abortionists killing the innocent life in the womb 3,000 times a day.

    Catholicism gives you the real Jesus and not a phony candy coated version who pleases everyone.

    /clown rant


    The god threads always do well here.

    You were nicer when you were three people.


    Yes, catholics by definition are bigots. When you have rules that hold certain individuals in contempt, you are a bigot.

    And religion doesn’t validate bigotry. Feel free to claim yourself as a catholic, but at the same time, you might as well proclaim yourself to be a KKK member.

    Same policy, different hatred.


    Well, the Church can take it’s cause up in Russia. I think it’s a popular view there for some time yet.


    You are going to lose that one. Here? You are going to get labeled as bigots with no regrets.

    Oh and there it is! BABY KILLER!


    And you are just what you said! That too. Enjoy. Isn’t the First Amendment grand?

    Racism, theocracy and bigotry are never, ever OK. And I’m right about that, and you aren’t.


    You’re entitled to making up your own definitions for words, incoporating them into a dogma, and preaching it.

    But I don’t have to buy it.

    And by the real definion of “bigot,” you are one.


    Sure I am.

    It’s not me making other peoples life choices for them. Remember that.

    You are completely free to practice your faith as you see fit. No abortion, no marrying gay people, the whole works. And may doing that bring you a lot of good in your life.

    But you are judging other people according to a standard you personally bought into. They didn’t. Worse, you are attempting to make that judgement law, and that’s the unacceptable part, and I get to do that.

    And the definitions I’m using are the generally accepted ones, BTW. Ask around.

    In order for you to make any kind of a case at all, you’ve got to put a positive argument forward to justify racism, bigotry and theocracy.

    Got one of those?

    Is it compelling?

    That’s your problem, not mine. I’m not nice, nor will I tolerate those things and I don’t have to.


    I have plenty of Catholic friends and neighbors and have enjoyed an occasional Catholic ceremony or two over the years.

    Much to your dismay on the matter, I have even partaken of holy communion as a non-catholic. And not one other Catholic got their dogmatic panties in a bunch.

    Yes, my Catholic friends and I may disagree on the same issues as you and I do, but, they never make quotes like this: “Catholicism gives you the real Jesus and not a phony candy coated version who pleases everyone.”

    If that isn’t the biggest crock of BS you’ve ever written on this message board, it is equal to it. That is prideful, egotistical, narcissistic and very un-Jesus-like.

    Before you make any other hyperbolic statements, try pulling that huge log out of your eyes before trying to pull the speck out of the rest of ours.

    I’ve really tried to be patient with you, Jerry, but now I am willing to sign any petition that gets you banned forever from this forum. You bring absolutely nothing to table but your cowardice dribble.

    I’ll take Vitalogy’s agnosticism any day over what you offer. I prefer Broadway’s theological differences with mine, far more than the dogma you expound.

    Dan has been, IMHO, far to lenient allowing you to continue on this board. You are no longer worth the bytes its taking me to type this.

    Go away.

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