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    Oregon is too green.
    Growers, manufacturers and retailers must increase market demand. Advertising on commercial radio and television seems to be an obvious solution. Worked for tobacco.



    Billy Williams is a reefer madness kind of guy. I take his stance with a grain of kief.

    And, I don’t see this as an Oregon problem. It’s the problem of the states that are still in a prohibition environment. Best way to eliminate the black market? Make it legal.



    Advertising Media, Coupons, and Promotions
    (1) The Commission prohibits advertising through handbills that are posted or passed
    out in public areas such as parking lots and publicly owned property.
    (2) A licensee may not utilize television, radio, billboards, print media or internet
    advertising unless the licensee has reliable evidence that no more than 30 percent of
    the audience for the program, publication or internet web site in or on which the
    advertising is to air or appear is reasonably expected to be under the age of 21.
    (3) A licensee may not engage in advertising via marketing directed towards locationbased
    devices, including but not limited to cellular phones, unless the marketing is a
    mobile device application installed on the device by the owner of the device who is 21
    years of age or older and includes a permanent and easy opt-out feature.
    Stat. Auth.: ORS 475B.025
    Stats. Implemented: ORS 475B.025



    Answers the question. Thanks, edselehr!
    Doubt 30% age 21 and younger watch commercial broadcast or radio. There are program exceptions. Ion Media QUBO, for example.



    I am pretty sure that in Portland, I have seen a few billboards and sign shakers advertising cannabis dealers. How is this legal, given the text of the law quoted above?



    Don’t know about there but here they do. I don’t believe they’ve outlawed it in the city yet, outlying Clark County might be another matter. I work less than a block from a marijuana dispensary (the neighborhood was aleady kind of a shithole to begin with) and they’re sometimes out there throwing signs around when the weather’s better.



    Checked with some friends and relations. A kilogram of raw pot heads sells for $80 – $100. 1970’s prices.
    Kalifornia leads the nation with a solution:



    Alfredo: when it comes to billboards, the assumed audience is motor vehicle drivers and passengers, and I would guess it’s easy to find data that less than 30% if that group is under 21.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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