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    As I promised over six months ago, here is the updated KUIK History with all the corrections from the last posting and many new additions as well. Wanted to wait awhile before re-posting for more interest on your part.



    On June 9, 1954 the FCC issued a Construction Permit for a new AM station on 1360kc with 1kw, non-directional daytime hours only to Hillsboro, Oregon. Call letters granted were KRTV standing for “Radio Tualatin Valley”. KRTV was licensed to Hillsboro Broadcasters (Harold C. Singleton, President & owner). Singleton had been KGW AM-FM Chief Engineer and was part-owner of KJUN Redmond, KGAL Lebanon & KTEL Walla Walla. KRTV estimated construction cost was $14,065. Just before KRTV signed on licensee name changed to: Harold C. Singleton, trading as Tualatin Valley Broadcasters.

    On October 29, 1954 KRTV began operation from studios located at: 155A South 2nd Ave. (now 155 S.E. 2nd Ave.) in Hillsboro. The transmitter site was located at Jackson Bottom (about 2400 S.W. Hillsboro Hwy. on Oregon 219). The transmitter was a Collins 20V. KRTV broadcast from 6am to sunset and on this day 5:30pm. Herbert Everitt was General Manager. KRTV slogan: Your good neighbor station.

    By December 1955 John A. “Jack” Leutjen (later KKEY CM) was General Manager & P.D.; George Hopkins, News Director; Wes Lynch, Sports Director; Paul Alexander, Chief Engineer & Farm Director; Bev Pilcher, Woman’s Director; Dick McLoughlin, Commercial Manager; Wally Cooper, Promotions Manager. KRTV had also affiliated with KBS, the Keystone Broadcasting System transcription network. By December 1956 Wally Cooper was Commercial Manager & Richard M. Millison, Station Manager. He would later acquire the station with associates in 1973.

    On January 1, 1957 KRTV was transferred to: Tualatin Valley Broadcasting, Inc. (Harold C. Singleton, President & 80% owner) in a corporate reorganization with no change in ownership (FCC approval on 12-11-56). On February 21, 1957 KRTV became KUIK. Call slogan: Radio Quick, the new sound of suburban radio. KUIK music was described as “happy, bright & light” with “Quick daily news” at :55 and frequent time signals. The Radio Quick DJ’s were: Bill Howlett (later on KVAN, KLIQ & KISN ND), Wes Lynch (later KGW PD) & Paul Alexander.

    In 1957 Bennie Murphy became General Manager. In 1958 Wallace L. Kadderly (formerly KOAC PD, KGW FD) became Farm Director; Ralph Hull (later on KISN, KOIL & aka Paul Anthony on KGON 1520) was a “Radio Quick” DJ. By July 1958 Jerry Colkitt was General Manager & Bennie Murphy, Chief Engineer.

    On October 31, 1958 KUIK was sold to KUIK Broadcasters (John P. Gillis, General Manager; George I. West & Gerald B. Dennon) for $62,500. (FCC approval on 10-22-58). Gerald “Jerry” Dennon, formerly with KOIN AM-TV would later co-found the Jerden record label, issuing the million seller “Louie Louie” by The Kingsmen. He would later co-found KSWB.

    In 1959 John P. Gillis purchased KUIK fully from his partners, becoming President & G.M. Licensee name changed to John P. Gillis. By 1959 the “Radio Quick” DJ’s were: Rod Anders (formerly on KTIL, KFLW & later on KXL, KPOJ & aka Ramblin’ Rod on KPTV); Roger Ferrier (formerly on KENL, KVAN, KENL, later on KLIQ, KEX, aka Roger Hart on KISN, KGAY PD, KGAL PD, KKEY, KGON, KISN, Paul Revere & The Raiders, manager and early producer, KGAR MD, KKEY, KKUL, KKEY, KYTE, KKSN, KPOJ, KZNY MD/PM, KKAD). By December 1959 KUIK slogan: Hometown radio 1360.

    By July 1960 Hazel M. Gillis (wife of John Gillis) was Program Director & Promotions Manager; Lance M. Mushaw, News Director; Albert Bishop, Chief Engineer & Paul Alexander, Commercial Manager. In 1961 Dave Bell (formerly on KWAY) joined KUIK. By September 1961 Lance M. Mushaw was Program Director & News Director; James “Jim” Pearson (later aka Fenwick on KPOJ, Portland’s first talk show host, KOL, KGW CM, KKEY) was Commercial Manager; Paul Alexander, Farm Director & Hazel M. Gillis, Traffic Manager.

    On January 5, 1962 Donald “Don” Stellges acquired stock in KUIK (former KEX PD; later KPTV News Anchor, KYXI) in addition to becoming Program Director. By September 1962 Lance M. Mushaw, News Director & Promotions Director; Hazel M. Gillis, Women’s Program Director & Traffic Manager & Pete J. Gillis, Sales Manager.

    In 1964 KUIK studios moved to the transmitter site at Jackson Bottom. The KBS affiliation was dropped and the format by this time was Top 40. Slogans were: The personality sound of the 60’s. The Swingin’ K. Quick 1-36. From the shores of lovely Lake Jackson! (in reality it was a flood plain fed by the Jackson Slough). In April 1964 KUIK switched format to Country with Bob Campbell as Program Director. By September 1965 John P. Gillis was President, G.M. & Sales Manager, with wife Hazel M. Gillis as Program Director once again; Lance Mushaw was News Director & Pete Kerr, Promotions Director. By September 1966 Hank Smith was Commercial Manager.

    On January 1, 1967 John P. Gillis took on more ownership partners in KUIK (stock transfer only). Licensee name changed to Sho-N-Tel, Inc. By September 1967 John P. Gillis was President & G.M., giving the Sales Manager title to Larry Atzbaugh; Hazel M. Gillis & Pete Kerr were Co-Program Directors & Norman Bernbeck, Promotions Director. In early 1968 Joel Cole began as a KUIK DJ. In 1969 Dave Bell returned (from KLOG, KENI-AM-FM-TV) also becoming a KUIK DJ.

    In June 1970 Rich Johnson began as a DJ. By September 1970 Lance M. Mushaw became President & G.M, with Dave Bell as Program Director & Promotions Manager; M.S. Linkwald, Commercial Manager & Robert Lewis, Chief Engineer. KUIK’s format was described as “Contemporary music”. By September 1971 Lance Mushaw had added News Director to his President & G.M. titles; Dave Bell (later KOIN PD & PM, Trail Blazers Radio [& current], KWJJ, KYXI, KUPL, KYXI-Portland Beavers, Oregon News Network ND) Program Director; Bob Lewis, Chief Engineer; Don H. Smith, Commercial Manager & Peter A. Rogers, Promotions Manager. In February 1972 Peter Tosi began afternoon drive.

    On May 1, 1973 KUIK was sold to Richard M. Millison, now President of Sho-N-Tel, Inc. Mr. Millison had been KUIK Station Manager in 1956. Charles A. “Chuck” Woodstock became Vice-President, G.M., Chief Engineer & morning drive. By August 1973 Peter B. Truax was News Director & Sports Director. KUIK format was described as “Contemporary – Middle Of the Road”.

    In June 1974 Dave Paull (formerly on KJIB, aka Paul Dawson KACI ND, aka Dave Paull KMCM ND, later on KOIN, KGW ND, KGW-TV, KKLI, KXL, KKCW, KEX, KOTK, KTRO) became Public Affairs Producer and did morning drive. In May 1974 Craig Mitchell (formerly aka Ron Leonard on KROW, aka Craig Mitchell on KODL; later on KFLY, aka Eric Chase on KBZY, aka Ron Leonard on KCBQ, KYTE, KPAM-FM, KFLY, KB101, KYYX, KBOY, KBZY, KPPL, KKRZ, KXYQ-FM, KXXX, KKRZ, KSLM, KIOI, KKSN-FM, KXPC, KWJJ-FM, KLDE, KWJJ-FM, KKSN-FM, KFRC-FM, KPPT) began afternoons? In October 1974 Jole Cole returned (formerly on KUIK, KLIQ, KLIQ-FM PD/MD, KWJJ) became Program Director. In early 1975 Peter Tosi (formerly on KUIK, KOIN, KSLM) returned to afternoons.

    In March 1975 Rich Johnson returned (from KEED, KBDF, KGAR, later on KGAL, KGRL, KGAL, KGAR, KPAM-FM, aka Rick West on KVI-FM, aka Rich Johnson on KRKO, KWYZ, KING, KCNR-FM, KWYZ, CNN Radio, AP Network News, Unistar Radio, WTOP, WMAQ, WFLD(TV), WMAQ-TV, WNBC-TV, ABC Radio’s Entertainment Network, ABC G-Net, KEX, KIRO & Fox News Radio) and became News Director. Also in 1975 Jay McCrae (formerly aka Kelly McCrae on KQIV, aka J.K. McCrae on KYAC; later aka Jay McCrae on KGAR, aka Kelly McCrae KLOG MD, KARO MD, KSLM, KYTE, aka Jay McCrae on KKCW, aka Kelly McCrae on KCNR-FM, KWJJ-FM) did afternoon drive. By December 1975 Richard M. Millison, Jr. was General Manager & Mike Mowrey, Chief Engineer. KUIK slogan: Washington County Radio.

    By April 1976 KUIK had changed back to a Top 40 format and affiliated with the Mutual Broadcasting System with John T. Zweygartt (later with KYTE AM/FM) as Program Director & mornings; (owner under aka name did afternoons). In October 1976 Susan Falconer (later on KZOK, KMPS AM/FM) became Program Director. By March 1977 Richard M. Millison, Jr. was President & Station Manager; Joel Cole returned again (formerly on KUIK, KYXI; later on NW News Network, KXL AM/FM) was Operations Director; Lyle Arthur, News Director (later on KYXI, KGW); J.D. Fort, Asst. News Director (later on KMJK, KKGT OM, aka Jon Davenport on KEX as well as J.D. Fort). KUIK format had been changed back to MOR using an IGM Automation System.

    On August 1, 1978 KUIK was sold to Dolphin Communications, Inc. (Donald “Don” L. McCoun, President & G.M. 50%; & older brother Kenneth “Ken” McCoun, 50%) for $250,000. (FCC approval on 6-27-78). Don McCoun formerly KCKN GM in Kansas City, KS. By November 1978 Clint Jones was Operations Manager & Dave Tunno, News Director. KUIK format changed to Adult Contemporary. Slogan: Westside Radio. In Summer 1979 Kyle Bailey (later on KYTE, KGRV, KRSB PM, KAVJ, KQEN PD/PM) began weekends.

    By November 1981 Dave Ryan (later on KYTE, KB101) was Program & Music Director; James “Jim” W. Warinner, Jr. (later on KOWL, KXL & KFXX) News Director & Farm Director; Buzz Stroud, Sales Manager and Jim Monahan was a weekender. By 1982 John Windus (later on KARO, KKRV PD) was at KUIK and later in 1982 became Program Director. In late 1982 Dan Packard (later on KMJK, KYTE, KJR, KBSG, KWJJ, aka Timmy T. on KXL-FM, aka Freddy Chrysler on KB101) was doing weekends. By 1983 Todd Tolces had became Program Director. Bill Slater was a weekender. A year later Matt Williams (later on KB101) was Program Director. Tom Franklin (later on KYTE, KB101, KEX) was middays.

    In August 1983 KUIK began night operation from its new transmitter site at Witch Hazel, Oregon. (4590 S.W. 229th Ave.). KUIK increased night power to 5kw from the 11 acre site, with a “Broadcast Electronics” transmitter and 4 tower directional array. (Towers: 150 feet). Daytime operation continued at 1kw, non-directional at KUIK’s studio & transmitter at Jackson Bottom. The new tower site cost $235,000. to build. The format was also changed to Modern Country music when night operation began.

    In January 1984 Brien Morris (formerly on KGW) began as a KUIK traffic reporter, additionally on KXL, KMJK-FM, KWJJ, KSKD, KCNR-FM, KXYQ, KKLI, KRDR, KAAR, KPDQ, KYTE, KSGO; later on KEX, KKRZ, KKCW, KKSN-FM, KEWS, KBNP, KVAN-1550, KGW-TV, KRSK, KNRK, KGON). By November 1985 Don McCoun was President, G.M. & Sales Manager; Ron Vandehey, Program & Music Director; Lisa Dupre, News Director & Ken Broeffle, Chief Engineer (later at ARS – Infinity – CBS Radio-Portland Director of Engineering, Clear Channel Asst. Director of Engineering).

    On May 2, 1986 KUIK raised daytime power from 1kw to 5kw non-directional from its Witch Hazel transmitter site. Slogans: The sound of Washington County. You’re in KUIK Country. In 1987 KUIK changed format to what was described as Adult Contemporary with Country Crossovers. In 1988 Paul Sherwood became General Manager. In 1989 Don McCoun became President of The Oregon Association of Broadcasters. In Spring 1989 KUIK’s format changed to Adult Contemporary music with Talk Radio.

    In early 1991 KUIK studios moved to the Hillsboro Airport Terminal Building at: 3355 N.E. Cornell Rd. Also in 1991 Don McCoun became General Manager and continuing as President. In Summer 1991 KUIK changed format to Oldies with Talk Radio. Slogans: 1360 KUIK, at the airport. Your Westside Station. In early 1992 KUIK switched to a News/Talk/Sports format and was broadcasting 24 hours. Slogan: First with the Westside story. One of the first national talk shows KUIK broadcast in the Portland market was the unknown Rush Limbaugh. KUIK added affiliations with Westwood One, Radio America, EIB & CBS programming. KUIK slogan: Westside Talk Radio.

    In 1994 James Derby (formerly on KRVM, KDUK KFXX/KGON) joined KUIK as a reporter. In 1995 Lisa Dupre became Operations Manager, P.D., Public Affairs Director & Promotions Manager; James Derby became News Director. By November 1996 Richard Wilson was Chief Engineer.

    By November 1997 James Derby (later KXL/KXTG PD) was Program Director & News Director; Lisa Dupre continued as Operations Manager, Public Affairs Director & Promotions Manager & James Boyd, Chief Engineer (formerly KBND PD, KTIX PD ND & CE, KGAL OM, KGAR/KVAN CE, KSLM CE, KEJO CE, later with KBCH/KYTE/KCRF/KNCU CE, KYTT/KYSJ CE, KDCQ CE, KWBY CE, KBZY CE, KCKX CE, KWIP CE, KXPC CE, KMCQ CE and many more). In 1998 Don McCoun was named O.A.B.’s “Broadcaster of The Year”. By November 1998 James Derby was Program Director; Jon Weaver, News Director.

    On April 18, 1999 Westwood One owned Mutual Broadcasting System was shut down after 62 years of service to the Pacific Northwest. Mutual programming became part of Westwood One. By November 1999 Don McCoun continued as President & G.M.; James Derby, Operations Manager & P.D.; Marty Hough, News Director & Spencer Rubin, Sales & Advertising Director.

    By November 2000 Marty Hough was Operations Manager & P.D. (James Derby had moved to KXL as Director of Programming for the RNW Network); Hal Murray, News Director; Steve Thomas, Sales & Advertising Director. KUIK also affiliated with CBS Sports. By 2002 Paul Warren was Program Director; Jay Mlazgar, General Sales Manager, Sales Director, Advertising Director & Manager. KUIK added more affiliations with ABC Daytime Direction, CNN Radio & USA Radio Network. KUIK slogan: News, Talk, Sports, Westside Radio AM 1360. By 2004 Donna McCoun was Senior Vice-President.

    On July 1, 2008 KUIK was sold to Westside Radio, Inc. (Spencer Rubin, President & G.M. & wife Elizabeth Rubin) for $1 Million. By March 2009 KUIK was affiliated with IRN-USA, Premiere Radio Networks, Westwood One, SRN, MRN Radio, TRN & WOR Radio Network. Slogan: AM 1360 KUIK, Westside Talk Radio.

    A Special Thanks to: Kyle Bailey, Dave Bell, Joel Cole, Alan S. Cook, J.D. Fort, Roger Hart, Rich Johnson, Ron Leonard, Kelly McCrae, Brien Morris, Dan Packard, Dave Paull, Peter Tosi.


    Kelly ( Jay ) McCrae was working middays at KUIK when I did weekends , over the period April-August 1976. Interesting to see all the radio folks who worked before and after my time there. Lot of familiar names !

    Yes and it was Dick Millison Jr. who did afternoon drive when I worked there. I didnt know him very well. I dont exactly remember what name he used on the air. I think it might have been Dick Thomas.


    Now, let me get this straight: KUIK changed format FROM Top 40 in April 1964, when the Beatles had the top 5 songs on the chart? This reminds me of the fellow, stranded on a raft, who’s approached by 2 boats and a helicopter but says, “The Lord will save me.”. He dies and asks God, “What happened; why didn’t you save me?”, to which God replies, “Well, I sent 2 boats and a helicopter!”.


    Kennewickman Thanks for the info. What was your air name?


    I am almost embarassed to admit that my airname at KUIK was ” Al Conway “.

    I dont know what posessed me to use that name, I later found out that it was the same name of some guy who used to do a local N.W. sportsman fishing show on one of the Portland TV stations. At least his last name was Conway and some of my friends laughed at me using the name of a fly fisherman.

    I found it interesting that John Zweigertt came up with some jock-liner jingles produced for me after I had been there 3 or so months. The Jock shout said ‘ Al Cook “….So I guess John was trying to get me to stay there and be on the air full time and change my name. It was somewhat flattering and I had fun working there, being on the air and doing top 40, which is what I was in to at that time.

    I decided to take the Engineering/Weekend NIS window clock-fill rip and read News reader gig at KYXI/KGON in August of 76′.


    “…it was the same name of some guy who used to do a local N.W. sportsman fishing show on one of the Portland TV stations.”

    That would be Jim Conway, host of “The Lucky Jim Adventure Show” on KATU (and others). Jim’s longtime photographer and editor was Matt’s dad, Homer Groening. Doh!


    The thing that is apparent from reading this and other histories that Craig has done is that, in the early days, people did not hold onto a position very long. The revolving door were almost constantly turning.


    Ok Al Conway, I’ll add you as a weekender. By the way, Kisn-FM had a weekender by the name Jim Conway.

    What name did you use at KYXI? How long did you stay? Were you on any other Portland area stations?


    Not many people held a single position at KUIK for long, that’s for sure. In three years I did weekends, overnights, overnight + AM Drive, then evenings.

    OTOH that also means a LOT of people got valuable experience doing a lot of different things there.

    It should be noted that the Collins 20V transmitter was still in place and functional for backup service as late as 1989, I have no reason to believe it was not still in working order the day the studios moved to the airport.

    During the late ’80s the format moved from country to country/AC, to AC/light jazz, and to straight AC before going to talk.

    Also should be noted that Brad Ford had his first News Director gig at the station at this time.


    Steve: Thanks for the info! What name did you go by on KUIK? When did you start? (month/year).

    What year did Brad Ford become News Director?

    In the late 80’s to mid 90’s I have no Broadcasting Yearbooks to rely on.



    At KYXI I used my given name…Alan Cook. And because it was ‘news ‘ , only as a tag line at the end of the ” Oregon Feature story” once an hour in the middle of the night on Sat/Sunday N.I.S clock fill in . No big deal for sure ! The main reasons for me even being on the air was first , Tranmitter maintenance and having a First Phone operator on duty for that 50kw directional AM and, second, a way to make some extra money and fill the wee hours of a Sunday morning for P.D. Paul Hanson! They had no automation then.

    I was hired primarily as a studio tech and some basic transmitter maintenance and radial runner for the Chief, Mike Cooley and various other Consulting engineers. I learned how to do a skeleton proof..and some other things regarding Engineering operations at that time.

    I never did any other gig at a Portland Metro radio station after working for McCoy broadcast.


    Alan: I’ve add you in the KYXI history, as well as in the AKA listing of Portland Area DJ’s.

    Paul Hanson was KYXI News Director and Bob Brooks over saw the station as Program Director. This is what the Broadcasting Yearbook said by December 1976, in the 1977 Edition. This edition was just added to the David Gleason website. There were other editions added. I’ve made additions to my master copy of the KUIK history. They are:

    By December 1976 Michael Carr was Program Director; Kelly McCrae, Music Director and Peter Truax returned as News Director. Also the entire listing dated “By November 1981” was adjusted to “By November 1980.”


    Got a reply back from Brad Ford. He reports he was KUIK News Director beginning in September 1986, until September 1988 when he joined KEX. That info has now been added to the master copy.


    Ya thats right . Paul was news director..BoB was PD of the entire operation I guess..but he stayed out of the AM side as far as I remember, in essence..Kirk Williamson was Assistant .N.D I think…I know Kirk gave me more ” on air direction’ than Paul, as Paul was pretty busy much of the time. He had his hands full trying to make that thing fly right.


    Anyone else remember Kirk Williamson as Asst. News Director at KYXI?

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