Hillary Wiped Her Server Clean

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    Gougue said>>
    Neither do you, yet for some reason, here you are. Amazing.

    Why would I leave now? I’ve been here longer than anyone….

    Andy Brown

    Getting back to the OP, F&B is just trolling whether he realizes it or not, The reason why is that there are several prominent hopeful GOP 2016 presidential candidates that are going to be facing this same scrutiny. Jebya had a separate email account when he was governor, he handed over a bunch of emails before announcing . . . you can bet your favorite bible F&B that Jebya has wiped that hard drive.

    Your attempt at whatever it is you’re attempting is lackluster as usual.


    This is just another lame attempt by the right to try and maintain the crosshairs of the lame street media on Hillary.

    Newsflash: It won’t work. Once Jebya and Walker announce, they will face the same questions.


    Wonder what kind of skeletons Jeb and Walker have in their closets?

    To watch them tear each other apart is going to be awesome! My favorite part is when the GOP turns on each other and tears chunks out of each other like a good episode of “The Walking Dead.”

    Get the popcorn ready!

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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