Hillary Wiped Her Server Clean

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    Unlike that event, Clinton made a full disclosure.

    Until we can prove otherwise, she met the requirement, which was to remedy concerns about email being on a server not operated by Government.


    >>If this were a prominent Republican doing the same thing as Hillary did, the screaming and hate on this forum would probably overload Dan’s server.
    Boy is that the truth…double standard ya’ll….sad state of society and the media.


    We did. The Bush administration used a Rove server at gop.org and they never disclosed.

    Clinton did.

    No double standard at all.

    We still don’t know what the Bush guys did and why. We never got a disclosure like we got from Clinton.

    Clearly she is not as concerned as they still are.


    gwb43.com is the domain, not gop.org. My error.


    “She doesn’t have the right to hide government business.”

    You’re absolutely right. And if you have any evidence – beyond your paranoid suspicions – that she has done so, then please share it here.


    Totally agreed.


    I suppose we now have a new “stupid party,”

    Damn GOP!


    How many MILLIONS of tax payers money has the GOP spent to find out what Hillary knew and when? Whitewater all over again.

    The witch hunt by the GOP will never end. Even if she doesn’t make it to the White House who in the GOP will beat her? JebDUHbya? He has the best bet hands down unless Walker or Cruz get some *SNIFF* Koch money behind them….


    You don’t have to be here…..


    Until we can prove otherwise, she met the requirement

    We can’t prove otherwise because she destroyed the evidence.

    Convenient, isn’t it?

    Stupid Party X 1,000


    This is a trust issue. She’s elected to a trusted position, and there isn’t anything on record to indicate she’s violated that trust, other than having e-mail on a personal server.

    Given we’ve seen that before, and given failure to disclose, deletions and even official statements, “not all e-mail is available”, this event isn’t that big of a deal.

    One last time, the complaint was e-mail on a private server.

    She disclosed 90K pages, made it clear that was inclusive, and then cleaned the server.

    This is prudent. Leaving it all there means it’s a target containing sensitive information, which BTW, was part of the complaint.

    Do you think for a minute she was not advised by legal?

    Of course she was!

    Disclose all of it, remedy the complaint, and then move on.

    If you want to continue with this, you need to show how she’s keeping things from the public as mentioned here already.

    While we wait, why not think hard about all the “not all official e-mails are available” statement from Republicans, who did this and DID NOT DISCLOSE? The Bush administration flat out lied about war and did war crimes. Actionable ones. What happened over that?

    Worse, we’ve got some specific complaints against them that really would need those “missing” e-mails to resolve, and we don’t have them, and the complaints stand unresolved. Not a fucking peep about that.

    You can bet Clinton has an archive, and it contains her personal comms at the least. It’s very likely to contain every email not disclosed. That’s personally what I would do, just in case of error.

    All anyone needs to do is present a case for that disclosure being NON INCLUSIVE, and it’s game on! Right there with you. We elect people to treat us right, and where that’s not happening, we need to press back on it and remedy it.

    …even though our Republican friends didn’t give us anywhere near the same consideration. They got let off big. Pelosi: “impeach is not on the table”, or something to that effect. The left chose to move on and get things done rather than score more points.

    Notice the denial and silence over Bill O’Reilly?

    Same kind of shit.

    The Bush admin, and it’s e-mail games were just ignored, until people moved on. Williams is off the air, rightfully I might add, while Papa Bear is doing just fine, waiting out the storm, not a worry in the world, manufacturing things every single day.

    There is a formula to it all too:

    Victim and Oppressor

    The fact based people don’t do this. Most of the Right totally does this. ALL THE TIME.

    You can identify it by watching for key phrases:

    “my first amendment freedoms”

    “persecuted for my beliefs”

    “respect all opinions, or MY opinion”


    Bush Admin: Not all official emails are available.

    Clinton: Yes, my mistake. Here is everything.

    Williams: Shit, he lied. Williams owns the lie. He’s gone. Bummer.

    O’Reilly: My ratings tell all you need to know. No spin zone. Persecuted by liberal media.

    Birthers: Obama just can’t be legit. The truth is suppressed by liberals! We are being persecuted for wanting the truth!

    Everybody else: Oh look! There is the official Hawaii birth cert. No worries.

    Go down the list. This happens all the time.

    It happened here on this thread.

    We can prove otherwise. Again, those comms all connect to other comms, and if something is going on, it can be found, and those who believe something is going on need to do the work.

    The real issue here is people who wanted to go trolling through her personal comms aren’t going to get to do that and they are cranky about it.

    …which is precisely why she did ONE disclosure. The matter is closed now, barring some new argument.

    As it should be.

    Deane Johnson

    “This is a trust issue. She’s elected to a trusted position, and there isn’t anything on record to indicate she’s violated that trust, other than having e-mail on a personal server.”

    One learns a lot on this forum. I didn’t know Secretary of State was an elected position.


    Yep. My error. Nice catch. 🙂

    It’s still a public trust, and the dynamics I put in my post are unchanged.

    Of course it’s an appointment. One that was duly confirmed by people we elected to perform that task for us too.

    It’s a fair nit you picked, but it doesn’t really change anything here.

    Nice to be clear though.

    Deane Johnson

    I certainly knew you knew that, just yanking your chain.


    Duly yanked!

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