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    I am surprised, this subject hasn’t been addressed here. Maybe you think its true and don’t want to discuss it. Maybe you don’t care.

    Initially when I heard she had a private server in her home, I didn’t think the story was true. But later I learned she did have an email server and there were roughly 55,000 pages of email on it.

    It is also known known that Hillary when she was Secretary of State didn’t have her own email account. So, the meme pushed by the right, was that she had only one email account, so she must have done all he correspondence on her private email server in her house.

    So now we have people on the Right and Left and media thinking she did something wrong. I admit I thought she something against the rules but it wasn’t illegal. I am now almost certain she did nothing wrong.

    It turns out that she didn’t need an email account in order to do her job communicating as Spokeswoman for the State Dept points out:

    QUESTION: — no classified material was sent over this email address? Either received or sent? So she —

    MS. HARF: Correct. We have no indication that Secretary Clinton used her personal email account for anything but unclassified purposes.

    QUESTION: So the Secretary never received a classified email in her entire span of —

    MS. HARF: Well, Secretary Clinton did not have a classified email system. She had multiple other ways of communicating in a classified manner, including assistants or staff members printing classified documents for her, secure phone calls, or secure video conferences.

    Deane Johnson

    Between the emails, the acceptance of contributions from Middle Eastern counties, the left overs from Benghazi, and O’Malley coming up on the outside, Hillary may not have the automatic nomination we once thought she did.

    Oh, and let’s not forget “Clinton fatigue”.

    I’d also predict that she’s tiring of the battle a little bit.


    Hillary was never a slam-dunk nominee, but she’s the strongest contended from the left or right – even after everything you mentioned – many of which are zombie issues.

    Andy Brown

    The email thing is a non issue but the GOP lost on Benghazi (their own committee found nothing) so in addition to continue to pursue that they have expanded their fishing expedition to include this email thing.

    Anyone that doesn’t see this as standard pre presidential year b.s. I do have a bridge in Alaska for sale.

    The Republicans should tread lightly. Several current and former governors who are considering a presidential run have found ways to delay or prevent public scrutiny of their communications while in office. That includes Republicans who have criticized their potential Democratic rival.



    Had she used the White House e mail system, instead of installing a secret one in her house, her emails would have been forwarded to the House Investigating Committee, yes, she would face some embarrassment, but that would be that. (We have to assume that neither she nor Obama would be dumb enough to write, in an email, anything really indicative of a conspiracy to lie over Benghazi).

    Instead, Hillary outsmarted herself and refused to use the White House system. She now faces suspicion about her motives and about whether some emails were deleted. I doubt there is an innocent way to explain her decision. The White House has insisted there was a clear policy about preserving documents and about the use of personal email accounts. And Hillary’s own cables to State Department employees directed them to avoid using personal email accounts for official business. But that was for them, not for her.

    Now she says that she wants the State Department to release her emails. She’s talking about the emails she selected to send back to the State Department. If history is any guide, Hillary has already scrubbed her server of anything she didn’t want made public.

    What she doesn’t get is that it is not for her to decide what is relevant. It is for the State Department — the rightful owner of the emails to make that determination.
    There’s only one way to do that: All of her emails must be reviewed. And it looks like that’s exactly what the Benghazi Committee plans to do. (If she hasn’t successfully destroyed them).

    But now we will play months and months of the favorite Washington parlor game “Hide The Email.” What would have been a 2015 scandal that would go away by the election has now become a 2016 scandal that will bedevil her during the primaries. On her way to Super Tuesday primary night, she will be dodging Committee subpoenas.



    dickmorris.com??? Seriously? Why would you undercut your own argument by citing that as a source? And yes, the credibility of the source DOES matter.


    Dick Morris is one of the slimiest person in politics.


    Dick Morris! lol

    Let’s just write that off and try again. Morris is a complete boob.

    Many Secretaries of State used e-mails other than the government addresses.

    Given she submitted the e-mails, this isn’t a big deal. And that position requires a lot of dialog over a variety of channels and through various people too.

    Having a home server, as opposed to Google, or some service isn’t unreasonable. I have friends who run home e-mail servers. I used to run a home server.

    What we are going to find is she will provide the information asked, and it’s going to be largely benign. We are also going to find many more important dialogs will have happened via phone or through others too.

    This, for sure, isn’t going to be significant as far as her nomination goes.


    Complete non issue.

    Face it. When it comes to experience, Hillary is heads and shoulders above all others, on both sides.

    And Dick Morris is a douche. He’s been more spectacularly wrong than anyone who still gets TV time.


    LP: “Dick Morris is one of the slimiest person in politics.”

    I thought it was Tom Delay:


    An interview I heard on KPAM last week attempted to explain the paradox that although a private e-mail system offers the best in privacy, it does not offer the ultimate in security. The reasoning was that the private system has one administrator who can set it up as he or she wishes, and as long as nobody breaks into the system, only the system’s owner knows what’s going on. (high privacy) However, having a staff of one to maintain a server rather than an entire IT team means that any security holes in the server software will linger for a long time before upgrades are installed. (less than optimum security)

    My biggest fear was that some nefarious person would have broken into the server, but apparently, this has not happened. I am a bit surprised, by the way, that today there still exist high-level jobs where e-mail communication is not absolutely needed.

    Andy Brown

    If you’ve noticed Republicans spend all their time on trumped-up, hyperbolic scandals, you’re not alone. As Democrats (albeit not nearly loud or well enough) tout their policies and economic success, the Republicans are, quite literally, left to just make sh*t up and come out against everything Democrats do.




    Hillary: “I used my personal account because I didn’t want to have to carry two phones”.


    How about putting TWO accounts on ONE phone?

    What a load of crap.


    At least she knows how to send an email.


    Wow, does she think we were born yesterday? She deleted ONLY personal emails. We can be sure of that because…


    “Looking back, it would have probably been smarter to use two devices, but I have absolute confidence that everything that could be in any way connected to work is now in the hands of the State Department,” Clinton said.

    Clinton added that she deleted all of her personal emails from her private account of the more than 60,000 emails in total that were sent and received. About half of them were personal emails, she said. Some of those emails pertained to her daughter Chelsea’s wedding, her mother’s funeral arrangements, and her yoga routine.

    “No one wants their personal emails made public and I think most people understand that and respect that privacy,” Clinton said.

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