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    It’s been a while. Life took a rough turn for me.

    First, bright spots! I have two, count ’em, two granddaughters and they are healthy, happy, beautiful. One is a month old, and the other is 7 months, and they make me very happy.

    Pooky and popcicle.

    The other bright spot is despite a fire recently, everyone is OK, packed into the small KSKD home, and that old trailer my grandparents left me is coming in very handy! Mrs and I can go escape in there. We’ve already got some fond memories in it, everything works, and the bed is so comfy it’s ridiculously comfortable.

    We all know this, and we’ve talked some too. A lot of life is expectation management. I’ve had to do some, ahem… managing, to say the least!

    The startup project continues. I was in the Bay Area last week. Met some amazing people, building amazing things. Some really big names you would know, others small, but awesome names you may come to know one day soon.

    That felt really good. There are times when I feel old, and of course, I am getting older, but still relevant. Was a bit nervous about that having been out of the game for a while.

    It’s about smaller scale, domestic manufacturing. Making exactly the thing needed, not a close thing in the hopes of selling bazillions of them. Sell a few thousand of the very perfect, right thing, then do it again, and again. This is coming back. And it’s on a small scale right now, but little companies all over the place are figuring out that sustainable business has merits. It’s not always about that brutal 20 percent year over year growth target.

    Not when it’s about serving those people one knows how to serve well. Everyone is happy. Won’t make bazillions, but it will feed families and put a few through school. Maybe get some stuff. Maybe get some security.

    It’s getting time to go for a money round. Nervous times, but not the worst! If it’s a success, great! BOOM, stuff happens quick. If not? Grind. But fail is not in the cards right now. Damn cool beans. I’m putting sweat in, as that’s all I’ve got. And my mentor / friend / business partner is putting what he has into it, and for him, this is it. Last dance. The rest of us know that, and we are gonna make it work.

    Having that go on in my life is good. Stress, but good stress. Fun. Exciting. Potentially able to dig me out of the hole I’m in. (health issue with Mrs some years back, still dishing out the punishment. You all know the story there.)

    Not so bright spots.

    Money has been tight. My sons place burned down, and they are all unharmed, but I poured what I had into all of that, and poof! Gone, reset. Just like with me, when it happened with Mrs. Gone. Reset.

    Goddammit that is painful. I’ve done that dance a few times now. Kind of tired of doing it. Really.

    There are bad stresses at the company I manage. Markets shifting and changing. People coming and going too. Conflicting priorities make things difficult. Harder than they need to be. And I really care about those guys. Every person in that building cares. So, it’s a good fight, but one that tests me daily.

    Got a newer car finally. Still keep the old 89 Corolla, because that damn thing just won’t fail. And it’s cheap ass. Might have to pull it out of the weeds, clean it up and use it again for a while. The new car is awesome. New for me means 2004. I just don’t buy or use newer. Not worth it. Not when I can do work myself and or pick solid rigs.

    But, I hit a pothole. Not paying attention, and so now I’m down a couple tires and an alignment I really could do, maybe… but won’t. Got a bad pull to the left, and while it’s drivable, it does wear tires, and it’s amazing how something like that can put a person in a shit mood.

    Gotta hate it when it’s my fucking fault! And I just don’t have much to spare right now. The fam is needy, and well, it’s the family. I won’t cross that line. We take care of one another, and that matters over the longer haul.

    Is this just a nuts election or what?

    Clinton has it, IMHO. Mrs and I are fine with that. We really did want Bernie though. During that campaign, I met a ton of great activists, campaign level people, and there will be action after the GE. My hope is some real good will come from that awesome campaign!

    My kind of politics right there. It was beautiful to see and totally worth the time and money I put in.

    So, here we are.

    It’s gonna be total scorched earth from here on out! Trump is a buffoon, carnival barking ass, and he just got the archive tape treatment! “Grab them in the pussy” is over the top bat shit! Thought we hit peak bat shit when the D talked about penis size. Forgive me. I had NO idea. 😀

    Now, it’s GAME on. I think this one really hurt. We got an actual apology outta the D. And, he’s in free fall, maybe for the last time, but the guy tends to bounce back somehow. We know he’s got a lock on somewhere north of 30 percent of us. Those people are sold, all in, going nowhere. Forget them.

    Big question is angry people. How angry, and over what? Let’s hope they think it all through.

    Since he’s down big, I expect he’s about to just get shitty and hope for the best. Should that leave a mark, I’ll bet the Clinton team has MILES of this shit on Trump. Good.

    To be frank, I don’t have much excitement over the policy vision choices. We’ve got “meh” and “holy fuck, no way!” as choices. Sort of a mixed bag, but it’s easy here in Oregon. I’m going full ticket, no worries, easy cheezy, and let’s hope we don’t fuck up Secretary Of State. DeFazio all the way, or we risk shitting on all our fine voting progress.

    One upside is many core people, who value the strong positive politics we saw Bernie deliver, are still in it. They, like everyone else, must get through an ugly election this year, but there is a lot to look forward to in the next few years too.

    We may finally see mid-term action. Hope so. And we may see it on people money too. Really hope so. I’m eager to see if that can play out. If it does, the whole effort will have been totally worth it.

    In any case, get your popcorn! We may have more profanity in this election than we’ve had ever, at least in my experience.

    Here because I fired up facebook, dropped a post. Had not done that in forever, saw a few names and a note from Warner. Got to thinking, it’s been a while, so here I am!

    (and this one is for Warner, as I don’t like to chatter much on FB)

    So, how is everyone? Let’s catch up! 😀


    Hey Missing!!

    Damn glad to see you!!
    Thanks for checking in!

    Wow!! lot’s going on in your world!! Good & bad.

    As you can see, pretty much the same old shit going on here.
    Maybe a little more intense with the GE less than a month away..

    No Herb this time around for an election cycle for the first time I can recall, but the noise from Dork & Bacon more than make up for his absence.

    Keep the updates coming!


    Hullo sir. Welcome back and congratulations on the new granddaughters. 🙂


    Welcome back! In a number of ways, I want to say that you did not miss much by stepping away from this forum for a while. A sampling of maybe four or five subject lines from the first page of the Politics and Other Things section will give you a pretty good indication of what is being hashed and re-hashed here. The radio side of the board has continued to be a pretty good source for news about changes in the regional radio landscape but other than that, activity has been very light.

    Andy Brown

    Good to see you having enough free time to make a post, all things considered. SOSO around here except fairandbalanced aka Wrath of CON aka Libby is now calling himself proud2baconservative. I recognized his first post under that handle as F&B, but Dan has gone soft on upholding his ban so he has been displaying a lot of ignorance and confusion like he always does. The new pest is radiodork. Radiodork or dorque as I like to call it arrived some 7 months ago. He tried to masquerade as a ‘radio guy’ but it soon became clear he was a poseur. He backed off for a month or so and then came on in on the Politics side of the board and removed any doubt whatsoever that he is an idiot. More uninformed then Bacon but like the Pope Bacon he is unable to properly research any facts or discuss anything, he just for the most part herbizes (post and run) the board with inane entries that are patently untrue and refuses to revisit that thread as everyone tears his postulated nonsense to shreds.

    I’ve been working with chickenjuggler for about a year now on the Salem project. I’ll have to email you about that since most of the info is not yet ready for publishing here and anyway CJ should do that.

    Take care.


    Hey Missing, thanks for the detailed update buddy! I know you keep your FB pretty limited, unlike myself. 🙂 I’ve moved all my political commentary over to FB, which can be a bit challenging sometimes. I try and keep it civil, and block when necessary. Still come by here for radio news.



    Andy, could you email me also about Salem? I have bits and pieces but that’s it.

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