Hey Bernie Bros! Feeling the BURN yet?

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    By the way, I was in close contact with quite a few people on the ground in both OH and PA. The numbers were very seriously ugly months in advance of the election. The people calling the shots had the data they needed and just didn’t act on it.

    Here is the dynamic:

    First, running Clinton brought out Republicans who would run against her. Many of the same would have stayed home with Sanders.

    Second, labor wasn’t on board with Clinton and the TPP. The union bosses were, but the rank and file remain bitterly opposed. That one fact got Trump a ton of cross over votes.

    Democrats really should have given that more attention. TPP, in that region, was a loser. A ton of people, Democrats, opposed to TPP didn’t believe Clinton would actually oppose it in a meaningful way. She helped author it and negotiate many of the terms in it.

    Honestly, given the danger Trump presented, backing off on that may have won the election all else being equal. Way too many people just didn’t want that to happen.

    Democracy in action right there. If they don’t want it, and that opposition puts the nation at risk, was it worth it to press hard anyway?

    I sure don’t think so. Few will now.

    And the fight is this:

    Proponents of the TPP and the one with the EU, are playing a macro economic game that isn’t necessarily aligned with their voting majorities.

    There was a sell job there that remains incomplete. Or, perhaps those agreements just aren’t the way to go.

    Either way, opposition was significant and fierce!

    Opponents of these agreements see them as solidifying a neo-economic path that so far has not performed well enough for them. They don’t want to hear all the why and how’s of it.

    What they want are results they can see and experience for themselves and that simply wasn’t happening.

    Economists and politicians can fight over why that is. I’m just stating what happened in those States.

    A Democracy does carry risks. If the people aren’t on board, they just aren’t on board. Sometimes that risk can be taken, things smoothed over, whatever.

    This time the misalignment was severe enough for people to just refuse the deal.

    Go ask around in OH and PA. They saw this as a squeeze move. Forced.

    To them, many of them, they saw a choice between a shit sandwich and a mad carnival barker. What they didn’t see was a compelling vote for, only a compelling vote against.

    Didn’t work this time. They just were not gonna vote for something they saw as closing off a potential for a better future.

    That’s what Dems needed to do the work on, and that work was possible to do too.

    It just was not done. Simple as that.

    Had that work been done, Trump would have lost.

    For this reason Trump really doesn’t have a mandate. He’s in office due to a fuck up, not overwhelming support. Big difference there.

    The majority of the nation does oppose him and will continue to do that, barring some goddamned unicorn miracle nobody expects at this point.

    The guy didn’t even get out of the honeymoon phase with that shit.

    As far as the GOP is concerned, this is a fucking gift, and maybe it’s actually best they attempt to squander it quickly.

    Doing that may prove sufficient for the Dems to settle their differences and finally present as an effective opposition party.

    The GOP did oppose with success, but were not effective opposition. They just blocked governance in general.

    Should have blown up on them, and that expectation is something I believe the Democrats saw as a luxury gift. Could be a root cause of the fuck up. I believe it was, but time will tell.

    Right now, should Dems sort their shit out, they could be effective opposition, and guess who is actually doing that, framing it all up, modeling how it can go?


    Clinton? Last I heard she was advocating we have the government decide what is true, and honoring Katy Perry, throwing donor parties, and generally being useless.

    And before people go completely off on that, I was in all the way, made that damn clear. She, on the other hand, thought she had the luxury of some mandate or other, as well as some measure of security in the overall threat of Trump. Big mistakes on her part, and I see she’s no where near owning them.

    Nor are many of the clowns that contributed to that.

    It’s on that basis that I’m fully behind party reform. I hold very little overall confidence, and do not believe for a minute that the same team that has lost damn near 1000 seats over the course of Obama’s term is the team to get us somewhere better.

    Time for change, and I know that’s not popular, but I also know it’s a majority view right now.

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