Hey Bernie Bros! Feeling the BURN yet?

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    The BURN of having a guy nominated for the EPA who is a climate change denier and a super good friend to big oil?

    A guy nominated to be the AG who will ban gays from anything he can, look the other way at any sort of civil rights violations, and eliminate the legal MJ market?

    And make abortion illegal?

    Eliminate Obamacare?

    Cut back Medicare and Medicaid?

    Lower taxes and increase the deficit?

    Scale back regulations on big banks like Wells Fargo?

    With multiple billionaires and millionaires being appointed to all sorts of positions, how does that feel? Feel the BURN yet?

    Trump is thanks to all the Bernie supporters who couldn’t bother to support Hillary.

    But, it’s a good thing you can be comfortable in your actions, just like the idiots who voted for Nader back in 2000.

    Enjoy your shit sandwhich, it’s going to be so much worse than you can possibly believe given the GOP controls both houses.


    And pardon me while I dismiss your bitching about things for the next 4 years. You made the bed, enjoy sleeping in it.


    It’s rare to live through an example of cutting off one’s own nose to spite their face of quite this scale and impact.


    Yes, it’s sad and I’m calling out KSKD in particular.

    The #NeverHillary people can suck it.


    I would blame the weak candidate you ran and not sensible people who sought an alternative.

    She lost to a “clown” who never held an office. Imagine that. He only ran for one office in his entire life and won. And it was for the most powerful position in the world.

    Maybe Hillary wasn’t the political genius she was hyped to be. Maybe there should have been a bigger choice of qualified candidates as there was on the Republican side.

    Maybe you and the Hillary supporters shouldn’t have been so smug and sure about the landslide win that was coming for Hillary and shouldn’t have gloated about it. Maybe you motivated opposition by calling them “deplorables.” Maybe you’re too blame too.

    At any rate, KSKD was not “never Hillary.” He supported Sanders and when he lost he supported Clinton. So what?


    On the extremely slim chance of Bernie taking the Democratic nomination? The Republicans would have buried him in no time flat-they had an effective “trash n’ burn” campaign set in place for just that possibility.


    Maybe the “deplorable” tag is largely accurate.

    Maybe the candidate who won the election was not the one the majority of citizens voted for.

    Maybe misinformation and falsehoods played a significant role in the eventual outcome.

    Maybe Trump supporters continue to ignore a long, long list of extraordinarily troubling statements and actions from their candidate.

    Maybe if those exact same words and actions and mounting ethical concerns were attributable to a Democratic candidate you’d be losing your minds; proving yet again beyond a shadow of doubt you’re largely a collection of shallow hypocrites.


    I blame the Democratic party and Shultz for throwing Bernie under the bus. Clinton was already ahead of the game when she had all of the Super Delegates. Bernie stated early on that he could win against Trump, but Hillary could not. He was right. Now we a stuck with a guy and is totally unfit to lead our country and he is stacking his cabinet with more bad news. As Thom Hartmann said the other day, it will be a miracle if we don’t end up with the depression followed by war. Trump already is ticking off World leaders and he hasn’t even taken power. At least I am glad I live in a blue state, where the fallout should be less. I saw a cartoon of Bush the other day, and caption read “Do you miss me?”. I must say yes, and I was not a fan of Bush. But with this loose cannon taking power, who knows what may happen. Some friends are moving to Canada. That may be going overboard, but who knows what the future will lead?


    Hey, Vitalogy–don’t sink to Donald Trump’s level. There’s no need to be a jerk.

    P.S.: I did end up voting Clinton, but who cares?

    Andy Brown

    There is always a lot of blame to go around.

    Correcting previous mistakes begins by focusing on the future, assuming there is one to advance into after four years (if he makes it that far) of drumpf.


    I’m in agreement we need to be looking forward. We won’t be changing any minds in the blame game. Besides knowing what we know now, we probably should have ran Biden. Hitched on Obama’s tail and being an old white man might have been more acceptable for some of the folks who went for Trump. Anyway, less than 4 years to the next election.


    We need to get past “woulda, shoulda, coulda” because if that person would have lost, we would be telling ourselves, “should have gone with Hillary!” 🙂

    Forward is the best direction to go. And forward means protecting the gains made under Obama, and blocking the outrageous damage that Trump will try and inflict. Refuse to normalize his form of crony capitalism and crony democracy. Get Twitter to delete his account, forcing him to actually talk to the press. (one can wish, right?)

    Since Trump intends to stay in campaign mode, then so must those who oppose him. And I don’t mean just Democrats, because I believe that many on the right that slowly wake up to see the kind of president Trump intends to be will also begin to oppose him. Disgust with Trump will quickly become a nonpartisan issue.


    I’m not being a jerk. I’m just reminding those Bernie Bros out there and on this board to enjoy their shit sandwich. Bernie lost the primary on all fronts. I warned many times that Bernie was damaging Hillary one the math had already settled things, which could result in Trump getting elected. And guess what, it’s happened and now we see the Cabinet Trump is putting together and it’s just laughable. Every pick is a boot in the eye for the Bernie Bros. A bunch of right wing billionaires serving a billionaire president. You may have thought in your idealistic mind that Hillary was flawed, but guess what. Nothing compared to the alterative.


    I support the right of the people who voted for losing candidates to vote their conscience. To me anything less is not democracy. I will leave it at that.


    Here is the really hard, ugly truth:

    Clinton lost for two reasons:

    One reason is she told people she needed to win that they were not needed and she did this twice. Once at the convention and again about a month later. The answer was “moderate Republicans” and that was the very wrong fucking answer.

    The other reason is she simply did not do the work needed for a winning number of people to connect a positive future to their vote for Clinton.

    Now, some people claim other actors had a hand in all of this, trying to assign blame away from Clinton and the DNC. Not gonna happen kids. They need to own very deplorable performance for labor, the middle class, and electorial results we see today as an artifact of all that.

    Sadly, for Clinton it goes two ways, neither good. This centers on agency.

    I say she had agency in this, and am being nice with my two loss reasons above. She could have played it differently and won. Didn’t.

    But, the no agency crowd is out there, looking to blame, so let’s examine agency a bit closer:

    If she doesn’t have agency, and say it was not winnable, or that other actors caused her too much grief, that’s ugly. Party reform needed, and perhaps she’s just not the right person for the job. Her record may well have sealed the deal against her, and people knew about that in advance. In any case, SHE knew in advance, yet ran anyway?

    On the other hand, if she does have agency, then it was on her to close the deal, and telling people they aren’t needed combined with just not doing the work are big losses she needs to own.

    There aren’t any good answers here, I’m afraid.

    Bet your ass I supported Democrats, even though the current leadership was busy botching it. Many people did too. Nobody wants a mad carnival barker for President.

    But we have one now. And it’s not gonna be pretty either.

    Truth is, people are pissed. Over 40 percent of workers make less than $15 per hour. Over 60 percent of the nation isn’t getting enough from government and their jobs, if they even have them full time, or where they are working two or three to make it, to live a modest, reasonable life.

    While we did see an economic recovery, on the big metrics, sure! We recovered.

    But the majority of people have not seen favorable results. Under Obama, who I really like and believe in, more people fell out of the middle class, organized labor continued to take hits, and he backed TPP and suggested cuts to Social Security!

    Not OK with me. I’m a lefty, through and through. New Deal type leftie, unabashedly socialist, and I’m joined by about half the Democratic Party base, 60 percent of Independents easy, who are 40 percent of the electorate right now, and a sprinkling of moderate Republicans too. Coupla percent.

    That’s a majority. Support with people like me exceeds the entire body of support for Democrats, because it includes about half of Democrats, and it’s on par with the result for Trump right now too.

    While the Clinton / Obama Democrats are running around trying to cast blame, rather than own their shit, holding parties for big donors, who did them no real favors, attempting to marginalize progressive voices, and generally ducking the loss, my guy?


    He’s out there already positioning the lines of battle, has established a clear leadership position, is working the DNC toward reform, GO Ellison, rallying people on the book tour, and delegates all over the nation are in the party mechanics, looking to pry it away from the big corrupt money, and begin the push for wins in the mid-terms, all while never missing even a single opportunity to take it right back to the issues, the ideas, and what ordinary people need.

    And a lot of that will happen on people money.

    It’s not possible to properly serve the middle class and labor running on the same big money our opponents are. And that’s precisely what Democrats did with Bill Clinton kicking off a wave of wins.

    I was on board with that too. Really was, fought hard, and what I didn’t see from it was material results for ordinary people.

    Performance just isn’t good enough doing it that way. Call it a result oriented Democracy.

    So I’m done. Time to go left, real left, and do so unabashedly.

    And here is another truth:

    We are either going to reform the Democratic Party, or eat it, or marginalize it on our way to securing real power, real leverage for progressive ideas.

    I’m about the ideas, policy, common man, etc… and always will be. I came up from poverty and made it. Shitty health care policy damn near sunk me, and I’m doing it again, and you know what?

    It’s one hell of a lot harder now. If I were to take my life circumstances and play them out today, in this environment?

    I’m not sure I would succeed, and until that is fixed, I’m not OK, because doing that needs to be more possible for more people than not, and currently it’s not.

    “Third Way”, “New Democrat” policy visions and strategy simply do not work. They don’t work anymore than trickle down works.

    So I’m done with that. Time to build new, pool our money, win elections, fund the kind of politics we need directly, quit asking, win elections, build a monster and take some back for the people.

    Right now, in Ohio, moves are being made. There are some in PA too, Minnesota, other places…

    This isn’t over guys. It’s a raw fight, and it’s just getting started.

    Good. I’m there, it’s time, and no way in hell will I be caught doing the same stupid shit that got us here, nor supporting those people beyond that which is needed to hold lines while we build.

    It’s simple: We are flipping them one at a time, or they become targets, because party reform is warranted, necessary, indicated, possible, practical. It’s gonna happen.

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