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    Tribune Broadcasting (dba locally as KRCW 32) wants us to believe that the big bad bully DishTV wants to cancel their availability. What a load of crap. Here’s an article that lays it out rather succinctly, published by ChicagoLand Radio & Media Group.

    In the meantime, I don’t give a rats ass if CW32 disappears from my DISH-TV lineup permanently. It is interesting, however, that these battles are becoming more frequent.

    Tribune Broadcasting Once Again Battling With TV Provider Over Fees; This Time It’s Dish

    Published on Thursday, 09 June 2016

    Yes, you’ve heard this one before… Tribune Media’s Tribune Broadcasting is yet again battling with a television provider, asking its television station viewers to harass the provider in order to pressure that provider to give into demands for more money to Tribune. The latest provider in Tribune Broadcasting’s crosshairs is Dish Network.

    Tribune Media’s contract to have its stations rebroadcast to Dish subscribers expires next week. Obviously, Dish does not wish to lessen its profits too much for these stations, while Tribune Media is seeking substantial increases in carriage rights fees coming their way.

    Tribune Broadcasting has become known for its tough — sometimes ruthless and publicly ugly — negotiations when it comes to retransmission fees from cable and satellite providers. The extremely nasty Tribune Broadcasting/DirecTV battle of 2012 is still a strong memory. That was followed by a similar, ugly, elongated dispute with Cablevision on the east coast that same year. Just last fall, Tribune Broadcasting had a dragged-out national battle with AT&T U-verse with non-stop threats of blackouts and begging the public to help them.

    While cable and satellite providers are seeing subscriber numbers stall, or in some cases, fall backward, retrans fees to television networks have risen by over 40% in the last year. While the cable and satellite providers are looking to keep prices down for subscribers and maintain profitability, networks and station ownership groups are looking to maximize the money earned from retrans fees, which helps fill the vacancy left by shrinking advertising revenue. This often results in the cliche of an “unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.”

    Too often this means that the television owner begins a distasteful campaign of telling its viewers to notify the cable/satellite provider to demand they not lose their favorite station.

    Most often, the television owners make it seem that the “mean” cable/satellite company is purposely removing the station(s) from its lineup. The cable/satellite company then has to inform its users that it is doing all it can to negotiate with the station owners to keep their monthly prices low for subscribers, putting the blame on the station/TV network owners who are demanding more money.

    Andy Brown

    In the meantime, don’t give a rats ass if CW32 disappears from Channel 5


    Yes KRCW 32 is gone from Dish, KCPQ 13 in Seattle as well as the majority of the super stations (WGN, WPIX, KWGN, and KTLA). I mainly have the super stations on Dish for the news, but that can be streamed at least. The TV stations on Dish used to be offered for free and Dish had to issues. If Tribune wants more money, I wish they could use some of that to give us a translator out here with 2, 6, 8, 10, & 12.

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