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    I tuned in to KSLC yesterday, and I was somewhat surprised to hear what I think was a live person at the controls. I put this in contrast with some of the shows on KMHD, such as _Jukebox Saturday Night_ and DJ Santo’s show, which seem to pre-recorded from start to finish. I noted a few things:

    1) The host dumped the profanity delay on himself at least once. At one point, he said something like “I just said something that I shouldn’t have said on the air.” Do young people today have a problem avoiding profanity when they are very excited about something?

    2) The host went into some very long, detailed reviews of some of the songs that were played. I wondered whether he was stoned.

    3) The host went on and on about some well-known artists, such as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Led Zepplin as if he were experiencing them for the first time. I wonder, what is the best way to present material like this? It is especially awkward that these songs were likely recorded 20 years before the host was born.


    Alfredo, when you say KMHD do you mean KMHD-HD2 (college channel)? The original KMHD (jazz station) is leased to OPB and all what it plays is Jazz music.

    Me being a student of the MHCC’s broadcasting program a few years ago I’ll tell you that we were required to do both, live and voice-tracked shows. So KMHD-HD2 did and still does have a whole bunch of live shows, you are just not listening at the right time.

    And about going on and on about well known songs, I bet the guy was just a beginner DJ. We had those people in our class too. That’s why they were attending it. After 2 years they sounded MUCH better and more professional.

    But yeah, college radio is fun. You can air pretty much anything within the “legal limits”


    I specifically meant the analog FM on both KMHD and KSLC. I do not have a radio capable of receiving the HD subchannels.

    The host sounded as if he were somewhat of a beginner. This particular airshift sounded as though the host had free-reign over what was played. That may be the current program format at KSLC. Or, perhaps things are more relaxed during the summer term. When I was running the board at a college radio station, 20 years ago, it seemed that many such stations imposed constraints, such as requiring that some minimum amount (like 50-90%) of the music played be new releases.

    That same day, I had also been listening to some old KISN airchecks. That was a world removed from the KSLC feel!


    There is occasionally live people on KSLC. I just installed a Comrex for life remote broadcasts at KSLC.

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