Hate crimes go up for 3rd straight year

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    The FBI reported more than a 17 percent rise in hate crimes across America, officials said Tuesday — the third consecutive year the numbers have increased.

    The annual report showed there were 7,175 bias crimes, which targeted 8,493 victims based on their race and sexual orientation, reported in 2017.

    There had been 6,121 hate crimes reported in 2016, 5,850 such offenses in 2015 and 5,479 in 2014. The 17.2 percent spike follows increases of 4.6 percent and 6.7 percent in the previous two years.

    The hate crime totals were comprised of 59.6 percent acts against a victim based on race, 20.6 percent because of religion and 15.8 percent for sexual orientation, the FBI said.


    I’m sure Trump’s hateful rhetoric towards immigrants and gays has nothing to do with these increases.


    Has Trump taken the side of the policeman, who gunned down the security guard yet? Coming off of blaming an act of God on the State of California, it can’t be far behind!


    Not sure on that one but we all know how he feels about it. He’s more concerned for the white cop than the dead black guy.

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