Has Turnip finally made the Mother of all Gaffes?

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    During a press conference today, Turnip asked Russia to engage in cyberspace espionage against an American politician.


    He sure is playing reckless with our country’s security.


    I think this calls for a 4-year, $7 million Congressional investigation at the very least, a public hanging at best.


    He’s being hammered over this today. It’s loud, and growing louder.


    Trump’s supporters will have no problem with it at all.

    Had Clinton said anything like this, or called for that kind of action, they’d be demanding a public lynching.

    And as I’m not a fucking hack, I’d metaphorically be calling for the same.


    The fact that Trump can say anything and still maintain his following is a bit disconcerting. Even the media pundits today are giving him credit for keeping his voice out there, despite his ill-informed message.

    And yes that presser today was unlike I have seen of a major party nominee. Ever. He seemed lost, confused, and once again just speaking his mind with no intellectual editing of what he was actually saying. Not good traits for a possible POTUS.


    He was referring to Hillary’s 30,000 “private” emails.

    Nothing to see there, right? So what if someone in Russia finds out about the size of Hillary’s yoga pants?

    Not a security issue.

    Besides the fact that anything that could be hacked would have been hacked by now. Boris Badinoff and Natasha were not sitting in front of their computers waiting for a signal from The Donald.

    Not a “gaffe” at all. Just some very clever tweeking of the Clinton media, and a way to take the spotlight off the convention and back to himself.

    It was also very funny, but liberals don’t seem to get the joke.

    Give him some credit for going out there and giving press conferences. His opponent hasn’t done one for eight months. How come?

      Here’s part of Rush Limbaugh’s reaction:

    The New York Times has already tweeted the following: “Donald called on Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s email.” The thing about it is Trump is putting ’em all on. He’s laughing silently with all of this stuff, and they’re buying it! They have no sense of humor, particularly when you’re laughing at them, when you’re mocking. They can’t… They have no tolerance. The party of tolerance and compassion, the party of Jon Stewart and all these mean-spirited media people, they can’t take one-tenth of it tossed back to ’em.

    And so here’s Trump basically mocking them. It’s the media that doesn’t care about Hillary’s emails. It’s the FBI that didn’t care about Hillary’s emails. And Trump knows that everybody knows that. Trump knows that everybody thinks that Hillary’s getting away with committing a crime that nobody else could get away with. So Trump is saying, “Russia, I hope you can find these missing emails.”

    It’s like an appeal; they’re the last people we can go to for justice here. And it just ticks ’em off. “I can’t believe what I just heard! Trump is actually suggesting that the Russians hack the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton.” They do not have the slightest idea what he’s doing. I do. I know it backwards and forwards. And it’s… Folks, it is so much fun to watch this knowing full well what’s going on here and how it’s impacting these people.



    Hillary “corrupt” Clinton and her crony Wasserman. I can’t wait to see more of the emails and how these witches were trying to cheat, lie and steal the election from the republicans. The damage has already been done for Clinton,these e mails will continue to destroy her when the public continues to find out that she is a corrupt, cheating, liar. So you can continue to believein a conspiracy theory that Donald had something to do with the hack, that’s fine. I will be sitting with my tub of popcorn and watching this shit storm with Hillary unravel while Donald Trump continues to destroy her and expose her corrupt ways. By the way, I’m going to see “Hillary’s America” tonight. Anybody want to come see it with me? Speaking of Hillarys America, looks like it is the top grossing documentary of 2016 so far. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/box-office-dinesh-dsouzas-hillarys-915031


    Conspiracy theory = fact based information that runs contrary to the far right conservative media bubble.

    Yes, the FBI…that well known liberal messaging group.


    Then you must be interested in seeing Trump’s tax returns too.


    “The media seems more upset by Trump’s joke about Russian hacking than by the fact that Hillary’s personal server was vulnerable to Russia.” –Newt Gingrich


    Maybe the Russians can dig-up Trump’s tax returns? Now THAT would be an interesting find…. 🙂


    “The Clintons are like genital herpes, just when you think they are gone for good, they return. -Tim Allen


    A convicted felon does not give up the right to make a fool of himself.

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