Happy Thanksgiving 2015

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    Each year everyone is especially grateful on Thanksgiving day for the blessings of family and friends to enjoy company with and for all the provisions of life we have. I am very thankful my “post traditional radio days” for my wife and I empty nesters to be solvent financially and for me to be part time in ventures that help people in my city weekly…kinda like old radio days! I work part time in retail, have an online webcast radio station, and am mostly challenged by facilitating a dozen faith groups that provide a dinner meal to the downtown homeless in my city. That alone has really stretched me even to this day as I have been rubbing shoulders with the homeless community for about a dozen years now. It’s so hard to relate to a homeless person with my life background yet in getting into their lives I begin to relate and grasp their struggles and try to encourage and council. I loose motivation at times to head downtown yet when I am there and see all the synergy of a dozen people serving a great meal to needy people I get jazzed real fast…a miracle is happening before my eyes! Thankful to have the opportunity to serve “the least of these” this Thanksgiving!


    Every day–even if I have not had a good night’s rest–I am thankful that I awoke to see another day. I consider every day of life to be a privilege. Sadly, as I get older, my list of friends who are not so privileged grows longer. Some of these lost friends were truly great people who led exemplary lives, and the cognitive dissonance they are gone forever, despite the good that they brought to the people whom they touched, really hurts.


    I’ve always been a bigger Thanksgiving fan than Christmas, for one main reason. It isn’t so diluted as a commercial holiday as the other one. This isn’t to minimize the importance of Christmas, just to put it in perspective.
    Of course, Christmas is the major holiday in the Christian world, but Thanksgiving has a lower-key kind of feel, but the message is not far apart.

    Christmas to me has become less a religious holiday than one where others can make money, feel good about how much they spend, and present the perfect Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that perhaps never really existed, execpt in someone’s mind. This saddens me, really.

    Of course, radio/tv doesn’t help with the over the top marketing that seems to be gaining year after year. Yes, admittedly it makes money, but is that the real meaining of the holiday?

    So Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy its simplicity as a way to be thankful for everything, and everyone in their lives.


    In recent weeks I have lost two dear friends. One to liver disease the other to lung cancer. Both, too soon.

    I am thankful for these two lives, who had a big influence on me in two different areas of my life.

    Also, it was over the Thanksgiving weekend in 2006, my mom died. The last picture we have of her is at my brother’s house on Thanksgiving Day watching some family activity – her arms raised in excitement and the smile on her face – pure joy.

    I am most thankful to my wife of 27 years and my two young adult children. They just rock my world. I would not be the person I am today without them.

    And to this message board, I am thankful for you as well. I’m not sure how long we’ve been together now, but it’s been quite a ride. A huge shout out to Dan Packard for sticking with us, even during very difficult times.

    “Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel.” ~Author Unknown


    Broadway: You’ve put your faith into action… Well done, good and faithful servant!

    Paul Walker: I understand how you feel. I tend to seek to keep some family traditions alive, and start a new one most years. It’s not easy to block out the Xmas Xrap sometimes, but I generally stay in “Humbug” mode until Thanksgiving Day…THEN and only then I look to Christmas, and continue to seek and reflect on what this holiday truly represents.

    Alfredo: I understand what you’re going through with the loss of some of the people you have treasured and respected. My list grows longer each year, too. Remember, you can honor their memory by letting those lessons they taught you be reflected in your own life…Take those good ones and pay them forward as well! The pages of life turn daily; sounds like you’re doing a good job of making the most of each day… That’s a great lesson for each one of us to follow…

    Chris: My condolences for your losses… It seems these chapters in our life are all too short. It was several years ago that you invited me to your home to talk shop and meet your family…That was time I still treasure! You and Barb know what you have, and live life by example…important ingredients for continued success, and I’m inspired by you.

    To everyone else in the PdxRadio community: This community is what you make of it… I love picking up bits of info from my hometown I moved away from in 1989. I still visit when I can (not often enough), but changes happen over time. I hope we can embrace that natural progression for the better. That’s not always easy. It gets a little noisy in here once in awhile, but this group is at its best when we can have a little fun and share valuable lessons and insight. I am privileged and thankful to Dan Packard to be a part of this group.

    From down here in the Arizona desert, I send you wishes for a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!


    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    @Paul, yeah me too. Catching up with everyone is high value time.

    @Alfredo, Chris, others who have lost people. It’s tough. I find I’m never quite the same after it happens. There is a piece of me that depends on them, and when it’s gone… there is a hole. It fills in, like an awkward patch, and we carry on, impacted.

    Taking the good stuff forward is probably the best, second only to memories of good times and staying connected to common friends.

    My oldest is returning from Seoul, one of my middle kids just got a house and has invited us over for turkey day. Sweet! No cooking, just eats and good times for Mrs and I this year.


    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    I like what paulwalker wrote above; it’s true that Thanksgiving seems to have remained a more “pure” holiday than Christmas. It annoys me that the Black Friday crap is slowly but surely eating into the holiday, but what else would you expect in a relentlessly market-driven society?

    Doug, my daughter just joined the Navy – finished boot camp this summer and is now learning Korean at the military language school in Monterey. She could end up assigned lots of places, but really hopes for a duty station in Korea.


    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Im still mourning the loss of The Pillsburry DoughBoy. Such a sad way to die!

    Did you hear how he died?

    He died of a Yeast Infection…..


    Hope she gets Korea. It’s a beautiful nation.


    I’ll get on the servicemen bandwagon and be thankful for those who served so the rest of us didn’t have to. My wife’s son recently completed his stint in the Army and spent a lot of time in Afghanistan as a signals tech. He’s now going to college with the benefits/cash earned. A good deal for US taxpayers. I’ve issues with holidays so I’ll just stop right here!


    Even with the losses (this is the 9th anniversary of my mother’s death), I am still quite thankful. I’ve come to view the circle of life as a continuum and one that eventually befalls all of us.

    This evening after our Thanksgiving meal, we went across the street to meet our newest neighbor, 2 day old, Caroline. It was a reminder that there is new life that occurs everyday. There is always something to celebrate and living with gratitude gets us through the hard losses and times.

    I’m not sad, particularly, just a bit more reflective and reserved in my thoughts this Thanksgiving.


    >>Korea. It’s a beautiful nation.
    I agree…something about their spirit…very giving and cordial.


    One thing I will say here. Dammit, I want to like you Broadway! I really do! For 5 years I did! But what do you do? You keep stabbing yourself in both feet time after time! I will commented you for going out there and feeding the homeless though. Please do not guilt trip them. Just feed them and be nice about it, please! Just give hugs and encouragement. Jest be as understanding as you possibly can I really do not want to see you fail. I really don’t!

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