H. R. Hadelman indicted.

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    It’s SHOWTIME!


    Well, we don’t know for sure yet it is going to be John Kelly, but the odds are definitely in favor of it. Manifort is likely also in the mix.


    Whatever happens, I think I’ll be exceeding my phone’s data allowance for the month. 🙂


    Why/how was John Kelly involved in Russia collusion?


    I stand corrected. I indeed was thinking of Mike Flynn, not John Kelly. Skep’s post got me thinking “chief of staff”, which of course is Kelly.


    So many people have already come and gone from the Trump administration, it’s hard to keep track of who’s who!

    Andy Brown

    POTUS is damaged no matter who is named in the indictment. This is the beginning of the second phase of his demise. The fact that this will come down at the same time the GOP fails (again) to pass major legislation on tax reform is coincidental. The GOP leaders are in a bad way.

    For a recap of the end of phase 1, check out:


    For a recap of the entire phase 1:

    Tried to intimidate his former FBI director into silence by threatening to release secret recordings of their conversations.

    Fired the director of the FBI for failing to demonstrate personal loyalty to him.

    Encouraged America’s intelligence chiefs to undermine the FBI’s Russia probe.

    Undermined international cooperation on climate change — and America’s credibility on the world stage — out of mindless spite.

    Mendaciously accused London’s first Muslim mayor of being indifferent to terrorism, hours after a terrorist attack in London.

    Shared highly classified Israeli intelligence with a core ally of Israel’s top geopolitical foe.

    Abandoned an alliance with a longtime Middle East ally over Twitter.

    Praised a foreign leader for his policy of sanctioning the extrajudicial killings of thousands of suspected drug dealers and users.

    Released a budget with a $2 trillion math error.

    Shoved the prime minister of Montenegro out of his way, so that he could stand at the front of a group of NATO leaders.

    Disputed the Office of Government Ethics’s legal authority to oversee government ethics.

    Allowed the Justice Department to prosecute a woman for laughing at Jeff Sessions.

    Knowingly hired a paid agent of the Turkish government as his national security adviser.

    Signed Yad Vashem’s Book of Remembrance as though it were a middle-school yearbook.

    Baselessly accused President Obama’s national security adviser of committing a crime — after his White House conspired with the head of the House Intelligence Committee to foment a false scandal.

    On the 96th day of his presidency, unveiled a tax-reform plan that was less detailed than the blueprint he had campaigned on.

    Threatened to sabotage America’s insurance markets as a means of coercing Democrats into voting for his plan to finance a large tax cut for the rich by throwing millions off of Medicaid.

    Said he was “absolutely” considering “breaking up” the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

    Decided to upend the North American economy to win a desired headline — then changed his mind when he was informed that people who voted for him would be among those most adversely impacted by such a measure.

    Refused to turn over documents on his first national security adviser’s financial relationships with foreign governments, despite requests from the House Oversight Committee.

    Allowed the State Department’s website to advertise his Florida resort.

    Had his daughter meet with the Chinese president the same day that her company won trademarks from the Chinese government.

    Referred to several different North Korean leaders as “this gentleman.”

    Praised a cable-news anchor who was fired for serial sexual harassment, days after declaring April “National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.”



    Process this: We are debating whether the person in custody Monday will be the President’s son, son-in-law, campaign manager or National Security Adviser.

    Thank you Trump voters. Thanks alot.


    Paul, i picked Hadelman because he’s the first thing that came to mind when l pictured sleazeball. I’m sure in a few years the sleazeballs of the Nixon and Reagan administrations will be displaced with sleaze from Trump, including family members.


    This has been bugging me for days; it’s Haldeman, not Hadelman. 😉


    Glad it wasn’t just me, duxrule. 😉


    It’s about time someone’s memory kicked in.

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