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    I find the campaign of Trump entertaining and fascinating, as well as a worrisome.

    The author makes a ton of sense in this one. Lucid, entertaining read.


    Trump. Kind of like him better now! Why? Cuz he is making some shit their pants! Making others actually think twice! And more of the nut jobs will flock to him! All good! Will the big $ backers back him? Don’t know. Maybe not. Again, good. Just maybe, Trump will be good for something after all. But still, he is worrisome! If shit hit the fan in the mainland, Then, just maybe, he could actually become elected. Let’s hope not! Next.


    Here’s a rundown of Frank Luntz and a Trump Supporter Focus Group.

    It’s amazing! Trump supporters are all in, based on a lot of misinformation and general mistrust of the media.


    My take is that Trump gets his support from those people who are not in the PC bubble.

    The tactic (espoused by many on this forum) of public shaming and shouting down have their consequences.

    Possibly the rise of Trump is the natural reaction to the PC climate of safe spaces. Like college campuses are “safe spaces” for students, the entire country and media are “safe spaces” for the progressive/liberal. If you violate the safe space, you WILL BE SHOUTED DOWN and SHAMED!!!

    Trump is poking his finger in the eye of the PC safe space. The PC crowd are shocked and what is their first reaction? Shaming and Shouting down.

    Trump followers are the ones who have a bad taste in their mouth from the tactics employed by the PC left, including BLM and others…

    Trump supporters are those who wanted to slap that girl in the Yale video up side the head… Which to his supporters, Trump pricking the PC bubble, IS the metaphorical slap up side the head to that girl and those like her.

    Trump is the anti PC and that matters more than getting every fact exactly correct.

    I find it amusing as hell.


    And I’m sure he’s your kind of candidate.

    Anti-PC is just an excuse to be a racist asshole.


    “Trump is the anti PC and that matters more than getting every fact exactly correct”.

    Of course you would say that. I’m curious, is it fun being a walking cliché? Or does that become tiresome from time to time?

    I on the other hand would counter that having command of fact is among the most important traits imaginable for any presidential candidate. Trump fails in that regard in almost every way imaginable. Not in my opinion, in point of citable fact.

    To a certain kind of person Trump is no doubt both refreshing and energizing. Generally it’s the kind of person who generally agrees with Trump’s racist, ignorant, buffoonery and demagoguery but has been heretofore too timid to utter such things in public for fear of condemnation.

    Show me a conservative whining about perceived political correctness and I’ll show you a closet racist, bigot, or unadulterated jack ass whom is tired of being (correctly) labeled as such by everyone else and feeling (correctly) intellectually inferior.

    Trump is provably a dangerous clown who on the daily is largely talking out of his ass. Anyone who would support such a person deserves every bit of very public pointing and laughing that they are currently on the receiving end of.


    @No Talent: LMFAO. Cheers buddy!


    Ok, done LMAO.

    So just how should this all go? What does your shame free,”shout*” free world look like?

    *shout in quotes as NT has very regularly confused fact based rebuttals with shouting.

    Do tell. What do we have wrong?

    Show your work, and be sure and address the seemingly obvious remedy inherent in say, not doing things that leave a person open to shame.


    That Luntz article is good.
    Scary good.
    Dave Wygal has been documenting this stuff since the inception of the Tea Party.

    But seriously if you guys haven’t checked out “The Authoritarians” by Bob Altemeyer yet you need to.

    Missing turned me onto this some time ago and it tells you everything you need to know about what’s going on with Trump and his supporters.

    It becomes more relevant every time I go back and reference it.

    Click the link above and below.
    It’s a book, but it’s free and it’s an easy read.

    Trump is the ultimate Right Wing Authoritarian Leader and his supporters are textbook Authoritarian Followers.


    Bernie Sanders makes an interesting point about many of Trump supporters.

    It’s Sanders take that because of the dwindling middle class, lack of livable wages, losing homes and jobs…it is out of fear of losing what they have left, many have turned to Trump who, for them, has “answers,” or “speaks for them…”

    As Lurking has so notated, facts make no difference when it comes to supporting Trump. That is why some of us facetiously think Trump is a Democratic plant within the GOP.


    Bernie is being nice.

    I agree with Amus on this. Textbook authoritarian movement going on with Trump.


    You know,I listen to C span on occasion. And the Thom Hartman program Respect the hell out of Thom, by the way! But on Friday, Thom would have Bernie as a guest for an hour. Respected and agreed with Bernie and what he had to say. Think the younger folks do too. I’d like him as prez. I’ll vote for him too! Cuz I believe in him and what he stands for!

    As for Trump and Cruz? Hope they split the GOP or go Indy! All fine with me.

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