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    This! We need more of this:

    Now, I understand some of you won’t agree with Grayson on those being gifts. This is why we vote. And the more of us willing, able, and eligible to vote there are, the better.

    I’m gonna send him a few bucks. With Grayson, I get a sense of story. He’s doing stuff, I like most of that stuff, and what I like more is the understanding of intent to make it better, however better can be managed.

    Not best or perfect, just better. Ideas, actions, results.

    And Grayson will very frequently cite data as both a motivation for his efforts as well as for discussion, ideas, options. Rational, data driven policy. Just the kind I like.

    Master of Disaster

    Although the linked article is interesting, the Master of Disaster would be more interested in knowing how he would actually fund the business of running the country.


    Wow he’s got some nerve to say he’s giving “presents” to the constituents who are paying him. Imagine an employee leaving a list of “presents” for their boss–a list of the stuff thy were paid to do. That’s the mindset of some politicians. They think they are “compassionate” when they spend other people’s money on programs or are “giving” when they are just doing their jobs.


    Yes. The nerve indeed!

    Those at the top need to give up a little more. We aren’t funding the society well enough, and Grayson understands that.

    Being a Progressive, he’s doing it in ways Progressives understand to work. As a Progressive, I appreciate seeing his efforts and understand he’s in my corner, looking out for my interests.

    Now, as an employee, I would regularly do similar things. I work hard to get things done, and I often put out extra effort where there is value in doing so.

    In order to maximize my value perception, and by doing that, my income and worth to an employer, you bet your ass I make sure they very fully understand the value they paid for.

    People are fools not to do this.

    And when that value isn’t recognized or abused? I move on. Life is too short to labor without getting something meaningful for it.

    My first time doing this was at $4.10 / hour. Minimum wage at the time. And I was worth more, made it known, and got it. Repeatedly. Easy lesson learned.

    What’s even better is the first time there was a conflict, that employer had my back big. I got told, “don’t worry, keep doing what you are doing, it’s appreciated” and they made it all go away, and actually helped me get a similar job outside their territory when I moved.

    (Thanks Wally)

    Grayson understands basic human dynamics, and he’s not all hung up on being selfish, or authoritarian, or discriminatory, etc… He’s wanting to make it better, and the primary message he has, for those who pay attention, is that can be done incrementally.

    He influences damn near every bill passed, regardless of which party is moving it. The idea being to make the best of each decision, while at the same time building what it takes to make some of the more needed and significant decisions happen.

    You on the other hand F&B?

    Look like a fucking clown. See how that works?


    Re: Funding.

    His policy position on that is well known and Progressive. It’s not hard to find, and it involves fewer tax breaks for wealthy people and corporations, economic stimulus in the form of higher minimum wages, infrastructure, and investments in jobs programs that pay off, such as non fossil fuel energy.

    You can read more at his website.


    As a manager today, I encourage my people to do exactly what I did, and I’ll help them understand how too.

    I want to know what I’m paying for, and I want to maximize the benefit of the labor for all involved.

    If they are career minded, I want to maximize that too.

    This kind of thing always pays off. Always. Can’t lose.

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