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    Andy Brown

    He may or may not run against Hillary, but the former Governor sure has come out swinging against the GOP’s theories and actions and he’s done it a way that would be more like Bill Clinton than HIllary.

    “The Republican Party is doubling down on this trickle-down theory that says thou shalt concentrate wealth at the very top of our society. Thou shalt remove regulation from wherever you find it, even on Wall Street. And thou shalt keep wages low for American workers so that we can be more competitive. We have a different theory. Our theory as Democrats and as the longer arc of our story as Americans is that we believe that a stronger middle class is actually the cause of economic growth. What ails our economy right now is 12 years of stagnant or declining wages, and we need to fix this.”

    If he does run for the Democratic nomination, it may or many not force Hillary a little to the left. I am also unsure, right now, if that’s necessarily a bad thing with the convention process so far off into the future.

    “Our tax code’s been turned into Swiss cheese. And certainly the concentrated wealth and accumulated power and the systematic deregulation of Wall Street has led to this situation where the economy isn’t working for most of us. All of that is true. But it is not true that regulation holds poor people down or regulation keeps middle class from advancing. That’s kind of patently bullshit.”

    Hillary is way out in front, nationally. With the Koch Brothers recently making their feelings known that Scott Walker is their boy, Jebya may find himself in a money contest with an uncertain outcome.


    If O’Malley runs, he will lose in spectactular fashion.

    There is absolutely no point in having anyone run against Hillary for the Dem nomination. It’s counterproductive and unnecessary.

    People will realize this after the bloodbath that will be the nomination for the crazy party.

    Nobody on the Dem side has the credentials Hillary does. She will be the Dem nominee. O’Malley should focus his efforts on a VP position if he wants to move forward.

    Master of Disaster

    There’s always a third party out there. Bring ’em on.

    Andy Brown

    You mean a fourth party. The GOP is no longer a unified party. Boehner is struggling to maintain his already tenuous grip on his caucus, in which roughly three-dozen members consistently refuse to support almost any leadership plan. McConnell, the majority leader, is six votes short of overcoming a Democratic filibuster. The Republican turmoil has, in turn, empowered congressional Democrats, who found that by standing unified, they can wield significant power from the minority, something Republicans in the Senate had done to great effect in the last Congress.

    The House budget includes Ryan’s proposal to convert Medicare into a premium support system in 2024, giving new beneficiaries the option of enrolling in private insurance.

    The problem is that Senate Republicans must defend 24 seats in 2016 to keep their majority, and they are not excited about jumping into a battle with Democrats over a sensitive entitlement program ahead of the election, particularly when President Obama might veto the proposal in the first place.

    The GOP is in total disarray. Their dysfunction is unparalleled and Republicans dreams have turned into nightmares as the approval ratings for Congress, Speaker Of the House John Boehner, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have plummeted since the Republican takeover of Congress.


    The GOP should concede the election to Hillary now and not run any opposition. That way the Democrats will stay home on election day and the GOP can keep the House and Senate using the faithful old white base that always show up to vote.

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