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    It’s not a big question, just something I was thinking about.

    If Bernie Sanders had won the nomination, do you think those members of the GOP who are endorsing Biden would be endorsing Bernie in the same way?

    This is not a slam on Bernie, just wondering what you think.


    I think a lot would, Chris. Not because of policy as much as it being not Donald Trump.

    There’s a good number of Republicans, prominent ones, that are voting for Biden for the sole reason of who he isn’t.

    Bernie’s far-left policy ideas would spook some, yes, but I don’t know how much policy is playing in this time around.


    I’ve literally heard some of those republicans say that it’s only because Biden is moderate and they wouldn’t do the same for Sanders or Warren. To put this into perspective, George Wallace was a bigtime racist but I wouldn’t hesitate a second to vote for him over Trump because you knew where you stood with him and he knew what he was doing! I don’t think he would just let people die or worse yet, encourage them to do so! I bring him up because before Trump, I thought he was the most dangerous person in the history of American politics!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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