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    Andy Brown

    The deceptively named Save American Workers Act would cause 1 million workers to lose their private health insurance. Half of the workers impacted would not be able to get new health care coverage so that they would have no health insurance. During the debate on this bill, Republicans trotted out some familiar Obamacare lies.

    Paul Ryan claimed that ACA was devised by central planning and had a secret agenda to destroy the economy. House Republicans ignored the fact that the economy is growing at its fastest pace in more than a decade in order to claim that the work week as defined in the ACA is killing jobs. Republicans tried to cover for the fact that all of their predictions concerning the economic impact of the ACA were wrong by suggesting that unless this bill was passed all, the economy was going to crash and burn under the weight of the ACA.

    Throughout the debate on the House floor, Democrats tried to inject reality by pointing out to Republicans that they are trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. There is no crushing weight of Obamacare that is harming employees. The real goal behind this bill is not to solve a problem, but to create a new one. Republicans aren’t trying to save American workers. Their mission is to weaken the successful health care law by any means necessary.

    President Obama has already threatened to veto the bill, as Republicans may have changed the bill’s name, but their goal wasting time trying to destroy Obamacare remains the same.


    Pure evil.


    And it’s going to be a non-stop onslaught of bullshit like this for the next two years. The battle will be constant.


    Maybe Obama will sign it with a clause to exclude registered Democrats from being stripped of their health insurance.


    Remember, Obama is an avid player of Texas Hold’em, and as a result, has the ability to call out shitty bets made out of anger, from his position of power. It’s a beautiful thing.

    And I expect the veto pen will have barrels of ink ready to strike down any and all shitty bills submitted to him. Damn Constitution.

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