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    Andy Brown

    Trump and Gingrich stand for serial marriages, unfit treatment of their children, lies, hypocrisy, and more.

    The truth is that Gingrich was sanctioned by his own House for ethics violations and resigned in disgrace.

    Let us not forget that after bringing government to a halt in his rabid efforts to see Bill Clinton brought down for an affair, it was revealed that Newt Gingrich left his own wife. He visited her in the hospital as she was recovering from surgery (she had a previous history of cancer, this surgery was to remove a tumor), and during the visit he tried to get her to discuss the terms of their divorce. He also failed to pay child support for a time, leaving his children to be looked after by a church drive to raise money for their food.


    Looking forward to Newt Gingrich being the V.P. He will make a great vice president and last time I checked he didn’t lie about his heritage to get into school. Another great thing about Newt is that he has never been accused of RAPE from numerous women, sadly we can’t say the same about Bill Clinton.
    Im also pretty sure Newt doesn’t have a corrupt foundation that takes money from countries that torture and Kill gays and Lesbians.


    Hmm, let’s see, Dork:

    Newt Gingrich accepts over $1.5 million from loan guarantor Freddie Mac AFTER campaigning to have them shut down:

    Newt’s list of hypocrisy, scandal, and (this one is for you, Dork) infidelity is rather lengthy:

    Here’s another run down for you:

    And who can remember that, while leading the Bill Clinton impeachmemt proceedings, for infidelity mind you, New Gingrich was HAVING AN AFFAIR OF HIS OWN:

    Yeah, such a savory, upstanding dude.


    I think Gingrich would be fantastic. He’s brilliant and savvy. I’m not worried anymore about electing a choirboy, and just about anyone looks saintly compared to Clinton corruption.

    But I think it would be exciting if he chose Condeleezza Rice.


    Trump is too much a misogynist/racist to ever consider Rice as a VP.

    Andy Brown

    It’s clear from the comments by dork and F&Bacon that character issues don’t matter when you are a typical lying cheating slime ball Republican.

    After all, Newt was sanctioned by his own party when he was Speaker Of The House and had to resign in disgrace. Bill Clinton (whom I must remind dork brain is not running for office) did not resign and was not impeached by his own party rather by the GOP Congress driven by political fantasies of obtaining a conviction. You know, like with Dennis Hastert and Tom Delay, two criminally convicted Republicans that held top jobs in Congress.

    Now F&Bacon posts “I think Gingrich would be fantastic. He’s brilliant and savvy.”

    That’s largely laughable. Newt is intelligent, but not brilliant. An examination of his moral choices that led to his demise disqualifies him from the “brilliant” label. He’s not savvy, either, ace.

    savvy |ˈsavē|(also savviness ) informal
    shrewdness and practical knowledge, esp. in politics or business:

    Without a shred of doubt, had Newt been ‘savvy’ he would not have destroyed his own career in the way that he did. After all, he had led the rebellion that led to the contract on Americans which resulted in many problems in the economy some of which persist today.

    In a word (other than Republican cheating scumbag asshole), Newt was wily.

    wily |ˈwīlē|
    adjective ( wilier , wiliest )
    skilled at gaining an advantage, esp. deceitfully: his wily opponents.

    Wily does fit Newt as he was a deceitful manipulator. After all, the Contract was clear enough about its main points–more money for defense, and tax cuts directed mainly at corporations and upper-income Americans. This attempt to reaffirm the Reagan trickle down approach to running the economy failed miserably. Clinton blocked what he could but when Dubya came along we ended up with two recessions, two wars and a lot of national misery. Many of the proposals in the Contract failed to pass muster in the GOP controlled Congress or were vetoed by Clinton, and some survived, but the real fallout came later.

    It is exasperating how off the cuff Pope Bacon and dork brain conduct their non contribution here. A little bit of fact finding goes a long way and would serve them well when they find themselves unable to post here, which will be soon.


    Hey everyone!

    Oh please, please let it be Newt!

    Assuming Trump is the nominee, this General Election is going to be even more amazing than the primaries have been.


    Welcome back, Missing!

    I don’t think it will be Newt. As low of my opinion of The Donald is, I think even he is smart enough to know this would be a bad more for him. Wasn’t Newt considered part of the GOP establishment at one time?

    From Politico (undated):

    Romney says that Gingrich is part of the establishment. Technically, Romney is right. Gingrich was House speaker, after all, and then made millions trading off his name and his insider status.
    But Gingrich is not part of the real Republican establishment.
    He’s rude. He has weird ideas. And he’s unpredictable. One day he’s huddling in a backroom with Tom DeLay and the next he’s seated next to then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), talking global warming.

    Read more:
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    Newt would go down harder than Trump!


    That’s what SHE said.

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