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    Andy Brown

    Forget the jism that dorque and Bacon keep posting. The real snapshot of the election at this time is dire for conservatives across the board. Conservative intellectuals abandoned drumpf long ago, but the main stream middle of the road conservatives along with the low end knuckledraggers like Bacon and dorque have held on to their fantasy of a drumpf presidency and matching majorities in Congress are finding their chances slip sliding away bigtime.

    drumpf’s intensifying battle with his own party is tearing open the nation’s political map, pulling Republicans across the country into a self-destructive feud that could imperil dozens of lawmakers in Congress and potentially throw conservative-leaning states into Hillary Clinton’s column. It’s not a hollow statement as almost all the major reliable polls are reflecting losses for the GOP in November.

    States that were considered toss ups like Virginia, Pennsylvania and Colorado are now solidly blue and fully red states like Georgia and Arizona are now in play.

    drumpf’s abhorrent display of unpreparedness to lead this great nation during his two debates and the release of the first of what will probably be many direct recordings of drumpf’s bombast over illicit behaviors in his recent past (which match his behavior during the election cycle) have left the not so good ship drumpf taking on water and sinking despite the efforts of his base to prop him up (see anything posted by dorque or Bacon).

    It’s really entertaining. At this point it is somewhat safe to say that drumpf will soon be what he despises the most: A loser.

    The projections for drumpf are dismal across the board, but around 30% of voters are still clinging to the notion that he has a good chance. I guess if you don’t understand the math of the electoral system, you might feel that way. I think by the time we get to November, drumpf’s minions will continue to shrink and find themselves at that magic number of 23%. These folks are mostly anti-government radicals in both thought and actions and can be largely ignored as merely the noise component of the population, like dorque and Bacon.

    “Increasingly anxious Republicans have not come up with a unified strategy for containing the damage from Mr. Trump’s embattled candidacy, and several strategists and party officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity said they were awaiting a new round of polling before settling on a course. But, in a sign that Republicans now view the presidential race as a lost cause, several Senate candidates are preparing ads asking voters to elect them as a check on Mrs. Clinton in the White House.

    Yet Mr. Trump himself, having been rejected in recent days by dozens of Republican elected officials, has indicated that he will make any separation an exceptionally messy and painful ordeal for the party.”


    I think that at this point, what I resent most about Donald Trump is that he validated the beliefs of the tin foil hat wearing extremists in our society. The technique that he used to build his support was not much unlike the “Two Minutes Hate” in 1984.

    I will blame the coarsening of the political discourse plus anything in the next administration that does not conform to my liking on Donald Trump.


    Indeed. These trump fans are delusional pure and simple. They don’t like our country and they think that the only option is to revolt. They are so wrong in every sense and need to be silenced By a decisive dem victory. A


    They are your standard GOP voter these days. This is what it’s come down to: Educated and informed VS uneducated and uninformed.

    I invite all reasonable conservatives and Republicans to “be with her”.

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